Sandra & Maura Doyle

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We are sisters from Dublin in Ireland. We come from a typical big Irish family three girls and five boys.We are a close knit family and we all live in the same area around the corner from each other except me. I moved out of Dublin 10 years ago to Cavan because the property prices went so high I couldn't afford to live there anymore But Maura still lives there with her family. Here is a little about each of us.

Sandra- I am thirty-seven years old. I am married to Scott who is from Perth in Scotland.We have been married since September 2012. I have no children but I have 2 pets, a male pom called Gizmo and a female tortie cat called Tigger so it's safe to say their my babies. They have their own little characters and they keep me company when I'm here by myself and they keep me amused. My husband and I have just started building our first house and it is really exciting, we are building it without the aid of a mortgage so that will be a challenge but one we are well up for.

Maura- I am married to Tommy who is from Navan in County Meath, and we have four children one boy and three girls they range from twenty-one to twelve. I enjoy reading and walking and learning about history. I enjoy going to the theatre and so do my daughters. I love Christmas and all it represents and love putting up decorations, I tell people it is for the children but it's really for me. I have a dog called Boxer. I live just five minutes away from my mam and i love that because the kids get to do down to see her anytime they like which is every day.