Amed Aibak

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Hi, thanks for stopping by to find out more about me, I look forward to serving you.

As an entrepreneur I have truly been blessed to do some amazing work with some people. I had my first business in my late teens which I left to go back to school. After getting a Masters in Engineering I worked the corporate ladder for a few years. Finding myself disillusioned and wanting more I decided to start my second business in my late twenties. After running it successfully for two years I sold the business and came out looking for my next challenge. Today, I run my own online business and am living a life of meaning, purpose and service. I work where I choose, when I choose, and I have the privilege to select the people that I want to work with. My business revolves around helping people just like you, establish or enhance your online business and get comfortable with marketing and technology. One of my greatest pleasures in life comes from seeing people succeed in taking back the life they thought they could never have.

I believe in living authentically and with passion, I think living a life of service is the greatest opportunity one can have. My dream is to create a business deeply rooted in these principles. I am excited for what the journey will bring.