Anyeyure Adongo

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I am a chemical engineer by training with an international executive MBA in strategy and project management. I have over 20 years of experience working in the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry, where I worked in sales and marketing, training, HSE, and Compliance, and am presently with the special projects team. I am also a farmer and a family man constantly looking for ways to make life more comfortable for all. I am mindful of the daily struggles people go through to keep body and soul together. (As we say in Ghana, “kpa kpa kpa” to wit hustling!).

I love to interact with his customers and work colleagues. Through that, I understand that, just like me, they all struggle to maintain a decent life while planning for the future. Jostling between their work and family life is daunting. Yet in this digital age life should rather be easier and more enjoyable. So I set out to explore the endless opportunities in the digital world and have discovered that it is possible for everyone to obtain literally every service at the comfort of their homes, offices, or even while on holidays or just relaxing.

My constant desire for improvement at my workplace led me to introduce quality assurance monitoring rather than the traditional quality control practices and this contributed significantly in making their products the number choice of consumers. My teamwork and relationship-building approached to management also contributed to my team’s performance and the bottom line.

As a manager of a team of diverse people, I keep my team constantly motivated by ensuring a fair, just, and equitable treatment of all, promoting dialogue, and ensuring a work-life balance for all. I believe empathy in the workplace is key to success, something that is my second nature. I regularly organize happy hour events for my team members to destress.

I am out to bring comfort to people by making it easier to obtain knowledge, goods, and services through the internet; help people learn how they can use digital marketing to create the wealth they so desire and deserve for their hard work; and how to engage in an honest, and sincere digital business using proven methods.