Andrew Bright Ikeogwu

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My name is Andrew Bright Ikeogwu. I am Married and blessed with two grown children and two granddaughters. As a pastor and teacher, my dream is to sensitize people on the need to pursue spiritual awareness and personal development, with a view to fulfilling the purpose of their existence on earth. I love nature and appreciate people who seek a better world for all. Part of my mission is to encourage people to accept who they are and be content therewith; because everyone is unique. As an Affiliate Marketer in SFM, my goal is to help people find the yet-virgin and untapped opportunities on the internet, towards financial freedom and happiness. I joined SFM because I believe the system has what it takes to make even a newbie, experience financial freedom. It's just a matter of focus and dedication. I am passionately involved with helping the less privileged to experience a better life. Presently, I am working on a book, titled;- "Uncommon Wisdom For Success And Happiness". I also have another book, titled; 'Overcome to Become'. I cry each time I see people suffering. Let's reach out to people who are looking for ways to add meaning to their lives. Let's join hands and make a better world.