Anthea Fenton

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I am known as an Empowering Angel. I am the creator of a tool-kit of Empowerment, which I use in the areas where there is imbalance i.e. time, health, finances, personal & spiritual growth; legacy, contribution & planning. I have been empowering others for over 18 years, with the tools I have created. I have partnered with some amazing mentors, leveraging their expertise in empowering me to create My online presence. After spending a career in the Care Industry for 40+ plus years, I never thought I could accelerate my learning so speedily, to transform my digital online skill set. Day 30 and so happy I can get my voice out into the world, authentically, whilst creating balance for me.
After being hospitalised after Volunteering at a Meditation Retreat, Summer 2017, I realised I had to change and take Nurturing Me to a whole new level. My Passion and Purpose in life is to Nurture Seedlings To Reach Their Full Potential. That nurturing, also includes Me. For Years people have known me for always striving to empower wherever I can. Spiritually bankrupt, I let go. It was in the letting go that I discovered Freedom.

Happy To Explore Your How.