Janelle Requa

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Hi! I'm Janelle Requa, friends call me Jaja, when you text me on the celly, the autocorrects my name from Jaja to Haha. Which is perfect because
I am an optimist. I enjoy doing what ever I can to empower people as well as myself and manifest joy in my life as much as possible.This is my life's goal. I spend a lot of time as a stay at home mom with my kids and studying different way to accomplish this goal and to do the best that I can to remember what I've learned through obstacles and upsets. I love myself most when I know I have done something to truly to touch, move, inspire and uplift others. Doesn't always work...lol..because i'm a human being with all the mess ups, mistakes and pitfalls that come with being ME but I try because I'm an up lifter to the core of my being. I live for those AHA moments, sharing Joy and laughter and walking on sunshine. I try to take time to appreciate every special moment with friends, family and the beauty of nature. I love the times when I'm experiencing something or someone and saying to myself "Damn..Life is so good!"