Lai Meng LEE

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Awaken Life - Digital and Spiritual. Hi, Lai Meng here from The KIWI Land.

In the past nine years. I travel 9,000 km, once or twice a year, to see dad, mum, and family. My holiday to overseas was often a short period of time simply because I have businesses to run. This life experiences inspired me to dream. I want to have online income streams no matter where I go without geographically bound. I want more time, more freedom and live a lifestyle that I most desire. After a few years of dreaming and searching around my busy schedule. The Universe say YES to me and given me an opportunity with SFM.

Coming from a corporate background turned business owner and licensed real estate consultant. I am also an Author, Affiliate Marketer, and Digital Entrepreneur. My life has been through a total transformation from inside out, and spiritual awakening.

I believed knowledge learned is knowledge earned. I am striving to live an authentic life, and helping people in Self-Empowerment.