Lukas Joachim Thiemann

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Welcome! Baby boomer born in Bremen, Germany, I grew up on the cactus farm of my parents in Morocco, in Marrakech the kids went on the french school, then with 18 I moved to West-Berlin in the middle of East-Germany, I got my degree, Baccalauréat in economics.

After 12 years of searching the fitting job I became a nurser in private homes, so elderlies were able to stay in there familiar environment, that was in Paris. In the year 2001 I moved back to now reunified Berlin and Capital of whole Germany in the Borders of 1945. Since 4 years now I'm working as a temporary nurser in different Health institutions.

At 61 I would like to reinvente myself for the last run, sharpen my digital skills and improve my income. So I can bike more, paint a lot, and gardening, watching what's all growing there even plants I didn't plant, I care for the little animals down there, ants, snails, worms, birds, mice, gangster rats, they all have a job to do there. I like traveling, of course Morocco the farm, family, exploring the world on my own, Hong Kong, Bali, Thailand, California where I get in touch with the spiritual community of Subud, there I choose my 4th name "Lukas" and found a way to clean my soul. It was in Bangkog end of 2013 where an american Subud Lady saw in the lines of my hands, that I am not using all my intellectual capacities. That is one point why you read me hear.