Rachael Skerritt

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I'm from Cheshire, in the UK. I enjoy writing about what I have learnt/ Studied and experienced in my life. I've gained a wide spectrum of knowledge studying Courses on Mental Health, Psychology, Philosophy (Mindfulness and Meaning of life) Science of the mind, Counselling, Acting and more. I want to provide my readers with the insight I have learnt and help them in any way I can by whatever route they desire. I have nearly completed a poetry book and writing a self-exploration book.
I'm down to earth, love to laugh, and even though I enjoy writing, I'm not the best at punctuation :D I have travelled quite a few incredible places with the most unique story's. I enjoy Yoga, Dancing, keeping fit and Meditation. I have a passion to help people discover who they are and become their best self. Reach out to me, share your journey and let’s chat!