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There is a road full of trees reaching both sides. You cannot see the sky because the trees are filling it like a canopy. I am the person at the end of the road walking toward the sunlight. I have been walking under the shade of the trees, not seeing much sunlight except the occasional sun ray peeking through the faraway branches. In deep shade, many flowering trees will not set flowers or fruit, not unlike people.

My experiences in this journey with SFM/DEA have allowed me to get to the sunlight, to flower. And like a tree, I have not born fruit in the form of being a successful marketing professional yet but feel for the first time in my life that from here on out I can choose the direction my life will take me, the direction I want to grow. Unlike the trees, I can choose sunlight, choose the shade, chose a little of both in order not to get burned.

I have worked in the supply chain industry for over 25 years. For the last five, I have felt that I do not care about things anymore but experiences. I want to spend the second half of my life doing something that matters, something where I can be creative, have more control of my life, my future and not worry about layoffs or downsizing or cubicles and where I can care about people and not things.

I am partially deaf and over the years have learned to be very focused so I could drown out sounds around me because I have a difficult time differentiating sounds coming from different directions. And this is not getting better as I am getting older. I do not want to go back to work in a cubicle because it is more and more difficult to do so.

Also, working in a cubicle with no windows around, I felt more and more like a mouse in a maze. No matter where I went or what I did, I could not break free. I could not find my way out of the maze. I do not feel this way now that I have found SFM/DEA. I feel like the maze has broken, the sky has opened, and I can fly or at least learn to fly. It feels like there are so many possibilities in this digital marketing environment as compared to being stuck in a brick and mortar, caged environment.

I have only a high school education. I am capped in many ways because of this. I will always hit a ceiling unless I work for myself. I started my Virtually Supportive, LLC business in January of 2016 after I was laid off from a job where I was asked to become a conformist. I knew then that I never wanted to go back to a conventional workplace. However, I failed in many things I tried for many reasons. My series 6 Things I Have Learned touched on many of them.

I now feel like I am heading the right direction for the first time. There has been this profound sort of mind shift that I cannot take the chance of losing:

A mind shift is a change of focus and perception. It can have extraordinary power to cultivate relationships, to improve your focus and rate of success, and to build self-esteem and overall happiness. A mind shift is an ah-ha moment on steroids.

These things will be my fruit for the rest of my life! This is my why.