Rowan and Genine Howard

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We are a hubby and wife team and parents to Jack and Frankie, who are passionate about living a truly free, authentic, creative and inspiring life. Our greatest gift to the world is to raise our kids to know they can make the impossible, possible.

Our business - Your Freedom Tribe - is a digital business where we show you how to live a life just like we have created for ourselves - freedom, travel, creativity and really LIVING LIFE!

Over the past four years we have literally created our ideal life and freedom-based businesses - Rowan pursuing an acting and film career, Genine as an entrepreneur and success coach. In our newest venture we have created a tribe of like-minded creative entrepreneurs who also know there is more to life than what society has conditioned us.

Our tribe values experiencing life, spending time with family and friends, having the freedom to work because you love it, not because you have to, and to become the very best humans we can be while living on this beautiful planet.

Your Freedom Tribe offers world-class training for those who want to set up an online business in a proven digital platform with affiliate marketing opportunities, digital business mentoring, intimate travel retreats and community support.

With a combination of our own expertise in building award-winning businesses in both publishing and mentoring and leadership and partnering with the best of the best, Stuart and Jay at The Six Figure Mentors, we are able to help multitudes of clients successfully create online businesses that leverage their time and have more flexibility and freedom to do what they love.

Head to the LEARN MORE button and we will send you a seven-day video series from Stuart and Jay from SFM on exactly how we leveraged our time with an additional income stream using the world-class digital training.