Andrew Thomson

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I am a proud Grandfather. My wife Frances and I have five children and three grandchildren. Our home is in Glen Lyon: a small
village on the bank of River Lyon surrounded by dramatic mountain scenery. The lifestyle we lead in the Glen is important to us and the time we spend with our children and grandchildren here is precious.

My main passion lies within Martial Arts, I started as a young boy and the sports have played a major role in helping me overcome hurdles that I have faced. I have always found great joy in the fact that the longer I spend specialising in Judo and Ji Jitsu the more I realise how much I have yet to learn: a recurring theme which has run throughout my life, I am still learning every day. And I appreciate this greatly. My goal is to be the best I can in all my life roles: from my businesses to my role as a husband parent and grandparent.

I am embracing the Digital Lifestyle. Pardon the cliche, but time is of the essence and the older I get the faster time seems to be slipping away. Digital Lifestyle allows for greater control over my time than a" traditional" business could. Doing martial arts I know how important it is to get great mentors, people that will help you get the best out of yourself. working with SFM (six figure mentors) gives you the confidence knowing they have succeeded in what your about to embark on.

Partnering with SFM and DEM allows me as a Independent business owner to surround myself with like minded people ,for me that was very important, as the world wide web is the most competitive and dynamic business environment in history, to smash this and achieve the results and lifestyle you want it was a no brainer for me to learn from one of the best.