Tina Vium

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I am passionated about personal development and have always been interested in people and in finding out how to expand our potentials.

For many years I have been a leader and Head of different administrations in the Danish public government. It has been a very exciting and challenging work life. But, I have been working long, long hours and was feeling bad because I wasn´t the Mum I wanted to be.

I dreamed of becoming my own boss - to get Time and Money Freedom.

I am happily married and the mum of 4 children - they are children now - and I want to be around them, and make their childhood the best - so that they can go out into the world with faith in themselves and their ability

I made a choise - I quitted my secure and good paid job, to do something totally different - to go after my dream. I now teach personal growth as an certified consultant, and it is so fulfilling.

I intent to make this blog all about how you can learn more about yourself - and hopefully make some wise choises and desicions. My greatest inspiration in personal development is Bob Proctor, he is such a great mentor - I hope you will enjoy.

Recently, I have expanded my curiosity to Online Marketing, and I am very excited about the opportunities it creates in my business. I feel completely safe in the process at the Six Figure Mentors (SFM). They are very professional, and at the same time very focused on personal growth. That makes them very unique.