Tony Rossi

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After 22+ years in the advertising business, I'm opening my own digital marketing and outdoor advertising agency to help business owners increase the sales and profitability in their businesses and cut through all of the clutter that only confuses them. I am certified in Social Media Marketing through The Knowledge Society and now I'm working with Digital Experts Academy and Six Figure Mentors with an eye towards helping people in all age brackets attain the freedom that they want in their lives. I'm focused on two things, 1.) helping business owners find the right platforms in digital media and outdoor advertising to increase sales and profitability in their businesses, and 2.) helping as many people as I can build a life of success and fulfillment free from the corporations and debt that keep them from living their dreams. I am looking forward to helping you in the future!

I'm a proud father of my son, Cameron. He is in community college right now and hopefully headed to Clemson University soon. Go Tigers!