Andrea Rohonova

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My happiness does not depend on others but on myself. I'm a person with an active lifestyle, you would only find me sitting when I'm dealing with my digital life here. Not only I am involved in all possible sports and activities but I like to create, imagine, dream and I've been learning to be aware of each moment in my life. When I breathe, I breathe deeply, when I eat, I really taste the food, when I sleep, I really sleep, when I laugh, I laugh like crazy and when I get angry, I get truly angry. I'm trying to be wholly alive as much as possible with all my might.
My biggest dream is to provide everyone who is keen with a guidance how to build up a lifestyle they love, in every direction, finance, health and fitness, mindfulness and self development, to bring out the sides of people they did not know they had themselves. To keep everyone smiling and awake.