Armelle Dore

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Hey there, my name is armelle.

Welcome and thank you for taking some of your time to check me. I really appreciate it.

Allow me please to introduce myself properly.

I am 35 years old, single with no kids. I am french and live in a city called Rennes (West of France).
I love Zumba and dancing overall. I have also started sewing my own clothes and plan to take singing lessons.

I also have a lovely pet companion, a kitty actually, called Izy. Don't be fooled by her name, she is quite a piece of work:)

As to my professional experience, it was mainly in customer relationship management and ad sales. I am currently following a training to be a trainer in my field of expertise.

I have both university and business schools master degrees. Despite that, I have always struggled to find a job that I love.

Honestly, I have always felt like someone or something else was choosing my career.
Never felt in control, Nope!
Not to mention being paid a good salary which I never really achieved.

So, I started back in 2013, to look for a way out.

Long story short, I have been involved in network marketing, MLM, marketing education systems. You name it, I have probably done it:)

And that experience, which was basically a failure, led to these conclusions:

1. I still want to own my time COMPLETELY.
2. I need to find the purpose of my life to get rid of this dissatisfaction I feel.
2. I am NOT willing to earn money by taking advantage of anyone.
3. I take responsibility for my failures and successes.
4. MLM is not a system that suits my needs.
5. There must be an efficient way out there to leverage the Internet and its opportunities.
6. After years of being miserable in my career, being passionate about what I do for a living is Non-negotiable.
7. Building a successful income generator business online takes time, education, money, positive mindset, efforts, and consistency.
8. need to be myself not a fake character for me to succeed.
9. And last but not least, I want to wake up in the morning whenever I see fit :)I

So after a year (2016) of retreat from online opportunities, I have started looking again in 2017 for a way out.

See, I have never given up on my dreams. Actually, I have set up for months an intention to the universe (you may call it as you like), to show me the vehicle that will drive me to them.

And one day, while starting a video on youtube, I saw an ad which changed everything. Since then, I am on a new path.

It is not an easy one but there is a community that has my back. I am educating myself at all levels.

That being said and quite frankly, after years of deception online, I am more cautious now and I know most people are too.

I get it because I have experienced it first-hand. There is no worst feeling than the disappointment that invades you when your latest way out opportunity turns into a scam or failure.

What I know now, that I didn't fully realize in my past experiences, is that I FIRST need to learn, grow as a person and THEN take actions.

In this blog, I wish to simply share my journey. Hopefully, this will give you the inspiration to start your own to your free and idealistic lifestyle.

Take care:)