More In Common Than Different? You Decide!

by Anthea Fenton Relationships, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement
I wonder.  I wonder if we have got more in common than we do differences? The reason why I say that is because the majority of us, well all of us have started off in the same environment.  And I wonder how that environment has affected you?  I know how that environment affected me.  I was born extremely unhappy.  Quite aware of my environment and surroundings but really quite unhappy.  I remember being, right back to being 6 months old and ...
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Revolutionising The Way We Care

by Anthea Fenton Relationships, Self Improvement, Home and Family
In 1998, I was interviewed for a Management position within the Care Sector.  In the interview I was asked, if I could assist in the successful transformation of a Voluntary Training and Assessment Charity, in the North West of England, bridging the gap into the Millenium.  A long held dream come true.  My journey had started as a Volunteer, Care Assistant, Peripatetic Officer, Social Worker, Lecturer and now Management.  As you could imagine, I was excited to have successfully gained ...
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