Autumn French Lifestyle

by Florianne Menager Food and Drink
Today is one of many days off that happens to be pouring down with rain. Since the Bristol’s sky has decided to left me with nothing else to do than staring at my laptop, I felt inspired to write about all the good things coming with the Autumn season. Chances are you are already picking up overtime shifts to bank extra cash for Christmas, and the days are becoming darker and gloomier. Hence why you absolutely need to treat yourself and indulge now. Get winter ready and appreciate the journey.  Get Cosy • I ...
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Where I come from

by Florianne Menager Travel and Leisure
One of the most inspiring news my Mum told me last time I went back home on holidays was that the region we live in: Auvergne, France has now joined the UNESCO World Heritage List.    What it means  UNESCO stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. They have established a list of the worlds’ most outstanding and breath-taking sites. They promote tourism and help preserve natural sites. The region I come from joined their list in July 2018.    Whereabouts The scenic alignment of the Chaine de Puys volcanoes is situated in Auvergne, ...
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Nursing shortage in the UK

by Florianne Menager News and Society
This old song again...  Nursing shortage seems to be one of them things that always have been and always will be. However, those last few years, we have been under-producing nurses whilst the demand for care is increasing.  This is directly impacting on us (as well as our dear patients of course). So, I have done my research, and here is where we are:   The numbers • We are this year 345 482 Nurses & Midwifes in the UK. The NHS is currently only able to ...
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Team work makes the dream work. 

by Florianne Menager Recreation and Sports
Here’s the beginning of a mini Serie about team bonding and fun days out.      Our team Don’t know about you but I personally find that most of my friends nowadays are amongst the amazing people I met at work, and I always get excited about throwing out work events.   Though people are immensely busy with their day to day life, the prospect of a fun day out sounds extremely appealing. My secret is: do it as often as you possibly can as some ...
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