Why Lottery Winners Blow It

by Ronald Williamson Gaming, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Home and Family, Reference and Education, Writing and Speaking
Would you know what you would do if you won the lottery? We all want more time to spend on our selves and family, time we don't currently have because of work and money, but if we won the lottery, would we truly know what to do if we did win the lottery. The chances are most of us won't win it, but have you ever sat and thought about what you would do if you did, probably not because most of us ...
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Lottery Players

by Ronald Williamson Gaming, Self Improvement, Home and Family
Hi everyone sorry it's been a while, but we've had some bad news recently that a close friend has got terminal cancer. I know there are a lot of people out there who have felt the pain of going through this them self's, so I won't go in to detail, but it takes up a lot of your time, especialy when they live 225 mile away. The thing is if I'd ever won the Lottery, I would have the time, but ...
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Lottery Loosers

by Ronald Williamson Gaming, Investing, Home and Family
Hi did you win LOTTERY this weekend? No neither did I..... I've been playing lottery for roughly 30 years with best win off £400 never any where neer a jackpot. The thing is I've allways thought that the only way to get a life where I have TIME and MONEY to do things in life I want to do is to win the lottery.... Until I came across a vidio online about a month ago and it changed my life. The thing ...
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