Are you looking for an inspirational film to watch this weekend ? Check this true story.

by Aleksandra Middleton Arts and Entertainment, Self Improvement, Communications
This film made me to realise to stop moaning and appreciate my life even more. Inspired me to push myself from the comfort zone. If you are looking for an inspirational film, my warm recommendation would be: CHARGED :  The Eduardo Garcia Story , directed by Philip Baribeau Trailer on YT : Life writes the most inspiring and the most cruel scenarios. This is one of them. Eduardo, chef and outdoor spirit, while hiking in his beloved Montana was shocked with 2400 ...
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how to start a day with a BIG SMILE

by Aleksandra Middleton Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Food and Drink
One of my Dear Women asked me a question : ‘Aleks , what about mornings ? My mornings are messy. I am in a hurry, chaotic mess, dragging myself out of bed, terrified I am late for work, kids are driving me mad and are not eager to get off their beds …. What to do ?’ Well, we have one life and many chances to improve it as it goes. Let’s face it - if any change, it needs to ...
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Am I old for a change ?

by Aleksandra Middleton Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Health and Fitness
‘ Am I old for a change ?’ I have asked myself today. I have looked at myself in a mirror : still beautiful woman, full of energy and full of happiness lady. 40 years old, married to a great guy, two great kids around her. Mostly satisfied of here life and work, however finding too often that time is passing so quickly and she does not have time to live properly. Live on a daily basis, breath deeper and enjoy ...
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Be Mindful Woman !

by Aleksandra Middleton Relationships, Recreation and Sports, Self Improvement
Be Mindful Woman !   Mindfulness  - I am hearing more and more of this word.  What is it ? Important ? Do I need? Why would I need it ? ‘ Another cosmo new trend everybody gets too excited about ‘  – this is what I was thinking before I have tried it on myself and got really hooked by it.   Mindfulness is so simple and embraces idea of BEING HERE and NOW. That is it.   Why is it important ? – look around ...
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My childminder is bringing up my children - Why not me ?

by Aleksandra Middleton Health and Fitness, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
My childminder is bringing up my children  - Why not me ? I am a woman, wife and mostly mother of two young children. They are blessing in my life, they bring lots of joy and frustration as well. Like all kids I would say. Nothing unusual. I take them to school or more likely I should write - I run like hell to get them to their school. Morning  is quick a d manic, fast breakfast, all chaotic as we need ...
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Fuss about LOVE

by Aleksandra Middleton Relationships, Self Improvement, Kids and Teens
Hello Dear Woman ! LOVE  - what does it mean to you ? Is it a warm feeling about your beloved ones, your children, husband, partner, world…..? It a Valentine’s Day – cheesy day, but … still a good reminder and a good opportunity to sit down and think what does LOVE exactly mean to me.  Do I love myself ? Do I look with love in my eyes at myself and others? Do I feel love in my heart? Are there different ...
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Get your Life Woman

by Aleksandra Middleton Relationships, Self Improvement, Home and Family
I am Aleks. A Woman. Next Sunday I will turn 40 years old. Mother of two lovely girls age 9 and 6, wife, daughter, friend…. Who else am I  ? Yes, exactly -  who else am I ?… This blog is a journey of a Woman who caught herself at some point in her life asking this question. She made aware decision it was time to look for some answers. Being a mother and being full time working professional is challenging ...
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