regret in life

by Mohammed Al-alshimali Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
the regret that we face in their lifetime, discover the new-rich and how they role. many people are starting a business part-time which then ultimately make them able to quit their day job and live freely getting their income from the luxury of their bedrooms. You might be busy but I sure would see what this is all about, I understand you might be skeptical I was at first and I assure a life-changing event can’t be explained in a paragraph, however! ...
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a life amids the chaos part (2)

by Mohammed Al-alshimali Arts and Entertainment, Business, Self Improvement, Kids and Teens
Pain that accompanies injustice. Chop...chop....chop “how many pieces you got boy” Jacob (the father) asked as the wind started to pick-up, making it very tiring to continue cutting. “I have 70 pieces” replied John( the son). The father had a light smile “very nice” he said, “let's take a break in the hut” the two lumberjacks sat in the hut. As a couple of stray cats run quickly leaving the hut, John tried to run after them but the father “stop ...
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looking for a new life?

by Mohammed Al-alshimali Internet and Businesses Online, Travel and Leisure, Self Improvement
All my life I have felt that I am lost, not knowing what I want to have. Waking up every day going to work feeling disgusted, spending 8 hours a day in displeasure but I excepted that reality and it made me become worse. I said to myself maybe if I try harder I may become more fulfilled, on the contrary, I grew apart from what I wanted to achieve. Each day a part of my life was shattered. Why do ...
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final fantasy X

by Mohammed Al-alshimali Gaming, Kids and Teens
Most of us fellow gamers must either know or heard of or played final fantasy X, and to be frank I have been playing final fantasy X from when it was released until last year mainly replaying the game. I never got bored with it, I don't play a lot or wast time as I used to, however, I still like to have an hour here or there to enjoy the world of dreams and how a sport athlete becomes ...
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A life amidst the chaos part(1)

by Mohammed Al-alshimali Arts and Entertainment, Business, Finance, Self Improvement
A life amidst the chaos part(1) The emotional we chose. In life certain emotions become dominant, the food to share and joy to give, the laughter to feel and sorrow to bare, and how come different emotions differently affect people. Is it really all to do with person’s mentality or state or is it all to do with luck as do money and happiness...or are they!?! A cycle of bad events “John...HURRY ON BOY” Jacob roared, a scream that opens our story with the ...
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Change you life with the entrepreneur mentality

by Mohammed Al-alshimali Self Improvement
Are you living life to the fullest, do you feel that you are fulfilled, do you deserve what you have at the moment.   If yes then great and carry-on!! wish you good luck….however!!!   If not……what ARE you Waiting for, why have you settled for less than what you deserve and I assure you that everyone deserves to be fulfilled in his life whether it's mentally, spiritually, financially?   Have you had a fallout with your boss, realized that you spend more than what you ...
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