Serving Others Is Key To Living A Purpose-Driven Life

by Jillana Raye Relationships, Health and Fitness, News and Society, Self Improvement, Home and Family
"If You Want To Find Happiness For a Lifetime, Help Someone Else" -- Chinese Proverb There are many quotes from a lot of very smart people dating back to St. Francis of Assisi! For it is in giving that we receive — Saint Francis of Assisi The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity — Leo Tolstoy We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give — Winston Churchill Making money is a happiness; making other people happy ...
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The Top 5 Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

by Jillana Raye Business, Self Improvement
The Top 5 Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur:  Practical and real life tips for obtaining the qualities of a successful entrepreneur (Okay, there's actually 8... I just doubled up to make it easier to read and achieve....Your welcome :)) Do you sometimes daydream of having the time and financial freedom to create an opulent and fulfilling life? For most of us, we plan and start a business in attempt to realize our ultimate dreams, pursue our passions, and secure a future for ...
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5 Principles To Consider When Researching an Online Business Opportunity

by Jillana Raye Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
Any time you are thinking about forking over money to a company that is online, there is, of course, a concern about being scammed. Believe it or not, there are people out there who will hide behind their computers and a business name, make a lot of promises, and never really follow through or live up to the hype they promote.  Not to mention the numbers of "experts" who are teaching what they, themselves are not living.  They're a lot of ...
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Wake Up! Your Dream of an Extraordinary Life is Waiting For You To Dust It Off

by Jillana Raye Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Reference and Education
How long have you dreamed of doing something extraordinary with your life?  Or had a feeling deep down, maybe waaaay deep down, that you were meant to do something more than what you're currently doing?   As creatures of comfort, we have a way of hanging our dreams up like an old guitar and allowing them to collect dust while we tell ourselves we'll "get to it some day". I have wanted to learn how to play the guitar since… well, since ...
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5 Questions To Help Pinpoint Your Goal So You Can Nail It

by Jillana Raye Internet and Businesses Online, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement
Can you answer these questions? Where am I headed? What is my goal? Have I visualized just what it is that I really want? If success is measured in terms of wealth, can I fix an amount in specific figures? If in terms of achievement, can I specify it definitely? Most people have a general idea that they would like to be a success but beyond that everything is vague.  They merely go along from day to day figuring that if they have a job today ...
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NOW HIRING: Yourself

by Jillana Raye Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online
Start Immediately! Take a 30 Day FREE TEST DRIVE so you can see for yourself why your search is over when it comes to the Blueprint that empowers you to create a lifestyle of your own making.                                  WANTED:  Online Entrepreneur:   For a Refreshingly Streamlined and Simple Online Business System & Model, step-by-step training, hands-on mentorship and support   OJT:  Earn while you learn.  Lose the 9 to 5 working for someone else’s dream, and design ...
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Make The World A Better Place - Be Vulnerable

by Jillana Raye Relationships, Health and Fitness, News and Society
Are you one of those people who is always caring for others?  You are an empathetic listener and can dole out encouragement to those who need a nudge.  You can easily suggest an action plan for someone who is frustrated and stuck. You apply “tough love” or tenderness, depending on your comrade’s needs. Yet…. You, yourself are an island.  Shying away from vulnerability.  Not wanting to “bother” anyone with your own struggles.  Feeling like you’ve got to figure things out on your own.  Oh wait… ...
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Content Creation: Tips On How To Begin

by Jillana Raye Self Improvement, Book Reviews, Writing and Speaking
"What kind of content should I create? What if it's not good enough? I don't feel like I have anything of value to offer the world. What is my 'voice'?" Does this sound like you?  This inner dialogue has plagued me plenty in the not-so-distant past! Thanks to my mentors and a physical and digital library full of self development books, audiobooks, podcasts... I've begun to gain some insights.                             ...
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4 Steps To Get You On Track To Positive Growth in 2017

by Jillana Raye Health and Fitness, Reference and Education
   How is 2017 going for you so far? Soar in the Direction of Your Dreams If you are like most people who make New Year's resolutions, you've already given up on them. But if you're the exception to the rule then kudos to you!  More power to you, and keep going!  Webster’s defines resolution this way “a firm decision to do or not to do something.” In order for us to stick to those so-called firm decisions, we must want the desired outcome badly ...
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Guidelines That Will Help You Tell Your Story

by Jillana Raye Arts and Entertainment, Internet and Businesses Online, Writing and Speaking
You may not have grown up in a storytelling family, and you may not be that person who is the life of the party with tales of adventure or hilarity, but you still have the capacity to move your audience with your words. Storytelling is a vital part of marketing.  As humans, stories are part of our DNA.  Every culture has a history of rich storytelling.  Before the written word, stories were told in pictures as well as verbally. While your storytelling ...
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What Is Your Passion? Do You Know?

by Jillana Raye Arts and Entertainment, Business, Self Improvement
If Someone was to ask you, What are you passionate about? Would you have an answer? What is the one thing that you could be happy doing every day for the rest of your life? That was a really tough question for me.  I was surprised when I couldn’t answer right away.  I mean, what the heck do I want, anyway?!   It’s taken me months of meditating, journaling, and pondering before one day, the lightbulb came on!  You know those moments when you’ve been ...
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Opening Up To New Ideas And Experiences; A Side Benefit Of Self Development

by Jillana Raye Travel and Leisure, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement
Do you know what a Salt Cave is?  I had no idea… until today.  Salt Caves have been around for 150 years but in the United States, we’re just catching on. A little background: “Halo” is the Greek word for salt.  In the mid-1800’s a Polish doctor named Felix Boczkowski noticed that the men who worked in the salt mines at Wielickza were less aged, had fewer respiratory problems, and were in generally overall better health than the rest of the area’s population. As ...
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How Drawing a Picture of What You Desire Can Change Your Life

by Jillana Raye Arts and Entertainment, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
Everyone wants to change something in their life.  The standard mindset training on how to manifest your desires suggests you write out your perfect day.  And it’s a fantastic way to clearly define and visualize your dream life.  But sometimes it’s hard to put into words, right? Take a look at these statistics: The brain processes visual information 60,000 faster than text. – 3M Corporation, 2001 90 percent of information that comes to the brain is visual. – Hyerle, 2000 40 percent of all nerve fibers connected ...
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Changing Careers After 50: Entrepreneurship May Be The Most Rewarding Route

by Jillana Raye Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Reference and Education
Over half of all Americans are unhappy with their current job and feel stuck.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. A Job Satisfaction survey conducted by The Conference Board, a global, independent business membership and research association found that more than 50% of Americans are unhappy in their current job. Workers over 50 often feel like they have to “stick it out” in their current jobs until retirement.  Many hold the common mis-conception that they have no choice because it’s “too late” ...
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Live Your Life With No Regrets

by Jillana Raye Arts and Entertainment, News and Society, Self Improvement, Communications
You know what music is?  God’s little reminder that there’s something else besides us in this Universe; harmonic connection between all living beings, everywhere, even the stars. ~ Robin Williams, in August Rush 2007    Music touches the soul and this song resonates with me deeply.   Lyrics to My Life, by Pam Rose: I want to know If I walk down a certain road, it was my choice And I want to know If I had something to say, I raised my voice I don't wanna wake up ...
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A Tidal Wave of Technology Is Coming Our Way

by Jillana Raye Computers and Technology, Internet and Businesses Online, Reference and Education
This is a Game Changer! A few days ago, I posted a blog titled Amazon Introduces Another Major Job Killer To Face Americans. For those who either didn't see it or didn't believe it, watch this promotional video: In case you didn’t want to take the time to watch the video, I’ll summarize: Amazon Go is a 1,800 square foot convenience grocery store in Seattle that will open to the public in 2017. You walk in and scan an app. From there, you pick up goods and ...
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You CAN ask the Universe For What You Desire

by Jillana Raye Arts and Entertainment, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement
Jim Carrey has a serious side... who knew.   This video speech caused me to tear up.  I had no idea Jim Carrey was so insightful nor that he had the capacity to be serious.  But his speech reveals a spirit that speaks to me and therefore, I hope it speaks to you as well. If Mr. Carrey's message resonates with you, perhaps you're ready to trust the Universe to bring you to the place where you can choose to have faith ...
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Harness Your Personal Power by Developing Mindset Skills

by Jillana Raye Relationships, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement
  We all have those Facebook friends whose lives seem perfect.  They have a beautiful and wonderful family, an incredibly active and fulfilling social life and the most amazing adventures and vacations.  These super-friends also post about how grateful and blessed they are. And sometimes, we don’t like that person. We all do it.  It’s hard not to.  But it’s a bad habit and it costs us. “Ah, I only spend a few minutes on Facebook.  How could it be hurting me?”  Well, researchers have found ...
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Of Wine And Inspiration

by Jillana Raye Travel and Leisure, News and Society, Food and Drink
  I have a case of writer’s block today.  But I made a commitment to post a blog every single day in the month of December.  So I’m sitting here looking through piles of notes for content ideas and trying to come up with something that I feel inspired about when I decide to pour a glass of wine (don’t worry, it’s nearly 7pm).  That’s it!  I’ll write about wine!  This is what’s inspiring me tonight! There are reasons for my affinity toward this ...
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Amazon Introduces Another Major Job Killer To Face Americans

by Jillana Raye Computers and Technology, Reference and Education, Shopping and Product Reviews
  Get this; Need another example of how job security is a lie and why you need to re-skill now in order to secure a future for yourself and your family?, the American electronic commerce and cloud computing company and the fourth most valuable public company in the United States in Q3 of 2016 has opened a brick and mortar grocery store in Seattle that has no checkers, and no baggers.  Shoppers are able to swipe the app as they enter the store, while items ...
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