How To Draw Your Future

by Julie Doran Self Improvement
I am opening this post firstly with a question so stick with me. It will be worth it! Have you ever felt that, when it comes to money, no sooner do you take one step forward to get ahead then you have to take two, three or more steps back?  How, despite all your efforts - putting money away, paying the bills on time, managing the budget - it seems like an unrelenting struggle? I know EXACTLY how you feel. In fact, ...
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6 Simple Steps To Improve Your Sleep

by Julie Doran Health and Fitness, Home and Family
Do you go to bed exhausted and wake up not feeling much better? Do you try to get to bed earlier thinking that more time in bed could be the solution, only to find yourself disappointed? The days roll into a blur and before you know it, you can’t remember that last time you had a good quality night’s sleep. I know just how you feel. I would collapse into bed feeling bone tired, but then I’d wake up multiple times ...
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How To Get Unstuck With Your Online Project

by Julie Doran Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online
I have a confession to make. Right at this very moment I am privileged to have access to a fully staffed virtual office I can tap into at any time, business resources that consist of hundreds of online courses at my fingertips, live webinars and trainings PLUS  all the support and training necessary to successfully achieve my goals - right? All there. Readily available. There isn't ANYTHING I can't get help with or be mentored through to take my online business ...
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5 Ways to Manage Anxiety

by Julie Doran Relationships, Self Improvement, Home and Family
Overwhelm can be so crippling. You know you need to figure out a solution to the problem you are worrying about. You know you need to figure out a plan to get out of the situation you are in, and start moving towards where you want to be. Anxiety is fear, which can lead to panic. One problem can spawn hundreds of 'what if...' scenarios in our minds that play out in vivid detail – the more we think about them ...
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