Something's Going Down in Chinatown

by LORD TOPH Ross Allen Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Real Estate, Investing, News and Society, Home and Family
Something's Going Down in Chinatown Recently I took a stroll through New York City’s infamous Chinatown and to my surprise I noticed a drastic change seems to be coming about rather rapidly in the area. My initial purpose of making my way down there was to pick up art supplies that I needed for an upcoming project. Yet I couldn’t help but to go on somewhat of a little investigation after taking a good look around. Chinatown is quickly becoming a ...
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The Digital Flood and the New World (Part I)

by LORD TOPH Ross Allen Business, Internet and Businesses Online, News and Society, Self Improvement
Out of the many stories that I read as a child growing up Episcopalian (which for me to explain the denomination to anyone unknown would phrase as, “Diet-Catholic”) was the story of Noah. The account of Noah was scribed thousands of years ago, and was carried in the religions of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, among others respectfully. With that said, I will now skip forward in time thousands of years to present-day. I will certainly come back to our biblical ...
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How Can We Seize the Moment to Fill that Empty Space in Our Lives?

by LORD TOPH Ross Allen Home Based Business, Real Estate, Relationships, Health and Fitness, Home Improvement, Self Improvement, Communications
I was walking down the street in SoHo, Manhattan (Soho is for the “South Houston” area in lower Manhattan) one evening. I was passing the art galleries, coffee shops, and clothing stores that ornament the area to make a nesting ground for tourists and shopaholics. It seems that every time I visit SoHo ( I live in Brooklyn, so it isn’t a trek really) I tend to see a new shop or store that has either come out of nowhere, ...
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Ross Allen Reviews - There Will Be Blood

by LORD TOPH Ross Allen Arts and Entertainment
Misery Loves Competition... After ten years, it is more than solidified to speak of the mastery in Paul Thomas Anderson’s “There Will Be Blood.” From the magnetically terrifying performance of Daniel Day Lewis to the inescapable vastness of landscape the cinematography captures, the movie is a bleak epic in all respects. Not only does it give us eyes into how modern-day American Capitalism was born, but the madness of inner-self needed to create its foundation. The film opens to one of the ...
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Are You Listening to the Right Amount of Wrong People??

by LORD TOPH Ross Allen Self Improvement, Communications, Reference and Education, Writing and Speaking
By. Ross Allen (Authors's Note: This is a single-panel cartoon of "Fudknuckle and Fritz" will see more on these two characters later!!!! -Ross Allen) -- "Fudknuckle and Fritz" Illustration by Lord Toph - Ultracrepidarian  (əltrəkrepəˈderēən) .noun - a person who expresses opinions on matters outside the scope of their knowledge or expertise.  It is difficult to take people’s advice sometimes.  I would say off of my personal experience of hearing advice from someone else, I often have observed them in kind (silently).  Why is this ...
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LORD TOPH on Reciting “A Crooked Shadow”

by LORD TOPH Ross Allen Arts and Entertainment, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Writing and Speaking
Reciting “A Crooked Shadow” LORD TOPH  Often times what is written affects us. Or more specifically, it moves us emotionally. Yet the same written words can become more intensified when delivered in a certain manner. I would like to share with you an excerpt from my book entitled, “Five Old Wives’ Tales.” It is a small collection of fictional proverbs; each is narrated by a different individual to uniquely enhance each composition. This is the one which I narrate to share with ...
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Do You… Ever Let YOU Down?

by LORD TOPH Ross Allen Arts and Entertainment, Relationships, Self Improvement
Recently I’ve been doing a lot of thinking… about myself, where I am now, etcetera. You know the thoughts. I’m not so much worried about where the Joneses are (so to say) and what they are doing, for that matter. But I have to admit… I have been having my lows; we all do actually. Even many of the biggest figures throughout history have been known to struggle with all types of personal plights from heavy drinking, to drug addiction, insecurities ...
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What Stops Us From Obtaining Our Dreams and Goals?

by LORD TOPH Ross Allen Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, News and Society, Self Improvement, Communications, Home and Family
Article by Ross Allen I feel there is often a blurred line in people’s minds when distinguishing the difference between comfortability and complacency. What is it that really stops you and others around you separating where you are now, from where you want to go? Life creates opportunities as quick as it presents roadblocks, and our ability to cross hurdles or even the desire to can weaken.  (As funny as it looks... one of these pictures is MUCH more likely to happen... ...
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Ross Allen Reviews - Unforgiven (The Decimation of Myth)

by LORD TOPH Ross Allen Arts and Entertainment, Internet and Businesses Online
Article by Ross Allen Hell of a thing killing a Man... The Clint Eastwood film “Unforgiven” is to me, not only one of the greatest films ever made (it won the 1992 Academy Award for Best Picture) but unquestionably one of the most longstanding Westerns ever put to film.  The reason for its legacy doesn’t lie so much in the phenomenal editing or cinematography (beautiful and poignant as they both are) nor even the acting, dare I say.  The legacy of this ...
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The Future is Now?

by LORD TOPH Ross Allen Arts and Entertainment, Computers and Technology, Gaming, Internet and Businesses Online, News and Society
Article written by Ross Allen I will reminisce one day with telling my children (should I ever have any) about how entertaining video games were when I was a child. We had a total of 2 red buttons which controlled an Italian plumber that would squash mushrooms and collected money (smile). Pixilated ethnicity aside, I would jokingly exclaim this memory to simply see their expressions; mentally digesting this form of regressive entertainment.   From the 20th to the 21st century, there have been ...
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Ross Allen Reviews "Better Days" (Music)

by LORD TOPH Ross Allen Arts and Entertainment, Relationships
Better Days… We’ve all seen them Love is an almost unfathomable feeling. Unless you are a psychopath waiting for your chance to shine, you have or will experience love, most likely more than once in life (now that I think about it, can a psychopath love as well?). There really isn’t a more potent, intangible source in our lives that controls almost everything we do. Love can create life (quite literally) and destroy life. This is the driving force in Lord ...
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Art, Love, Passion & Empathicism

by LORD TOPH Ross Allen Arts and Entertainment, Travel and Leisure, Communications
Art, Love, Passion & Empathicism LORD TOPH There are several truths in this world.  But the most important kinds have existed long before humanity and civilization. Art, for example… is an essential truth that defines so many things we so presumptuously take for granted in our everyday life.  Now my aim is not to argue this point, but rather state a case.  Mathematics and Science are two of the most important factors of the modern world. Yet, neither could find a congruent connection ...
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LORD TOPH on Creativity & Originality

by LORD TOPH Ross Allen Arts and Entertainment, Computers and Technology, Self Improvement
LORD TOPH on Creativity & OriginalityAll my life I have accepted challenges as they come. Through trial and error, I have always found some form of resolve… a solution to the problem. In order to create, and continue being a creative, I’ve had to apply this method of thought integrated with action. Resilience is the key to bringing concepts into fruition or full bloom, if you will; especially in the artistic realm. It enables you to believe in your ideas ...
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Escape to Success with the Pina Colada Song

by LORD TOPH Ross Allen Arts and Entertainment, Relationships, Travel and Leisure, Food and Drink
Escape to Success with the Pina Colada Song In 1979, the British pop artist Rupert Holmes rose to fame with a catchy and clever song entitled, “Escape (The Piña Colada Song).” Interestingly enough, this song is the only pop song to hit #1 in the U.S. in two different decades. In a nutshell, the song was about two lovers who had come to a boorish lull in their relationship and as a result of this, each began secretly looking for a ...
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Digital Economy: The Apocalypse of the Brick & Mortar Business

by LORD TOPH Ross Allen Business, Computers and Technology, Internet and Businesses Online, Finance
Digital Economy: The Apocalypse of the Brick & Mortar Business LORD TOPH  Were you ever one of those people who thought that selling, shopping, filing taxes, making reservations, trading or pursuing an education online was designed only for those tech savvy individuals? Well, I surely was. And many individuals still have not grasped the concept of seeing an online business as a reputable service entity. But gone are the days of thinking that online businesses will not sustain. With major companies like ...
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