Technology Babies

by Penny Ngarimu Internet and Businesses Online, Communications, Kids and Teens
"Technology babies" - is how Jordan, 18 describes her generation.   Chatting with daughter Jordan one day I asked if she’d be the face of my first campaign? She immediately declined. I’m guessing her reaction came off the back of the attention my new Facebook page attracted after posting my first blog. Jords and her sisters shared and liked the new page and of course, our family and friends followed suit because we all know the power of Social Media. Jordan isn’t a ...
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Why do we teach our children to conform?

by Penny Ngarimu Self Improvement, Home and Family, Kids and Teens
My friend sent me a link of an audio clip titled ‘The Strangest Secret’ by an American radio speaker and author Earl Nightingale. The clip picture is black and white and looked to be set in the 1950’s or 1960’s so I didn’t think I would connect with whatever the speaker had to say. Boy was I wrong! I was captivated the first time I heard the piece. The message was clear and Nightingales voice was strong and direct leaving me ...
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How I turned my life around to start an Online Business!

by Penny Ngarimu Self Improvement, Home and Family
Family is the most important thing in my life. So, when I experienced challenging situations with the people I love it took a toll on my mind, body and soul.  Finding My Way             Mum was diagnosed with Dementia which of course affected our whole family. And within the next six months I'd had 3 separate confrontations. With my sister, with a very close friend of 20 years. And with my team leader at work. I felt drained, depressed, ...
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