Times HAVE Changed...

by Shari Wessler Relationships, Self Improvement, Home and Family
A friend and I were speaking recently, and the topic came around to our parents' generation and what their lives looked like when they were our current age, 50+ (and we're still floored that we're over 50, btw!). He was talking about all the things going on at once - home, family, work, house, and about five other things on his plate.  House-wise, a warping hardwood floor was the adventure-in-adulthood under discussion.   He said that his parent's had "a guy" - someone ...
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In Social Media, Video is King

by Shari Wessler Internet and Businesses Online
By now, you've probably heard that FB and others have geared their algorithms to favor video.  And videos are overwhelmingly shared more than other formats.  Hope you'll find this article helpful!
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