The Hidden Talent in Everyone

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My gratitude to my mother and her mother who has created her and created me without you both, I would never exist in the world.  Thank you!

This story is being created by my husband Willie Kee - he one of the amazing contributors toward my life, he is dedicated his time once a week to play music at the hospital to bring the joy and happiness toward patients int he hospital.  I am so grateful and proud of being with him for the past 40 years.

Many people think there is something they would like to do but say it's too hard.  This is his story, "I'd like to play the ukulele"

A few years ago he purchased a ukulele in Jakarta for around ten dollars.  He didn't know how to tune it and so the ukulele just stayed in a cupboard mostly.  He used to get a friend, who played the keyboard to tune it up for him and then he would strum a few chords he copied out of a music book.

His friend mentioned there is a ukulele club in Brisbane and so went along and a free lesson was included at the first visit.  The instructor advised that his cheap ukulele would not keep in tue as the strings and tuning pegs were slipping also, then he discovered there was such as a thing as a "tuner".  A small battery operated unit that clips onto the end of the ukulele and light up when each string is in tune.  He continued to attend the ukulele club, where almost 100 people turn up once a month and they would strum along to songs projected onto large screens.  A leader would also show them how to play a number of chords and from this, they could become better players.  Singing along to our strumming became natural things to do as when there are a hundred voices together, there was no need to feel shy.  Following on from the ukulele club, there are hundreds of free instructions, songs etc. about the ukulele on the internet, so he was addicted to this little instrument before too long seeing other players with there beautiful ukulele makes you buy more for yourself and he gave his Jakarta one to our grandkids and have since bought three more.  The beauty of this instrument is that it is easily carried around and doesn't take long to be able to strum out a tune.

Since he began playing, he is now entertained at a couple of hospitals, where he is a volunteer, performed at various parties and even on Facebook.

He does not say, he is a good player as a good player can pick the strings and strum as well.  He is mainly a strummer but he set out to use the ukulele as an object of enjoyment and that is exactly what happened.  So there it is, go ahead and decide what you want to do and have a go! you will surprise yourself!

I would say he is very good, as I don't haw how to play and I would not think I can b good as him, this is my opinion and stick with it.  Have an awesome day!

This is the life being created and anything you is possible, have a go and you would never know until you take the first step! Who we are a family that always wants to have fun! Bless you all!

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