Angel Number 369 - You Are The YOUNIVERSE!

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Angel Number 369

369 Angel Number of the final spiritual path.

Are you seeing Angel Number 369 on the car license plate, a grocery receipt, getting a few items and the total sum is $369, $3.69? Congratulations! Your angels are just confirming that you are manifesting a life path of soul truth and self-discovery.    

Seeing the same number repeatedly until it caught your attention is not just a coincidence, do pay attention to this synchronicity. The angel always reaching out to us by showing signs and number, but we must be aware in order to tune into the signs and the meaning behind, in this case, Angel Number 369.

The angel uses The Universe language of vibrations to communicate to us as they don’t speak human language, they communicate with vibrations, images, thoughts, and number. Each number hold different vibrations and meaning.  

Angel Number 369 – The Secret Key To The YOUNIVERSE.

Angel Number 369 is a number combination that easily captures the attention of most people from around the world, regardless of their background, beliefs system, culture, ethnicity, and geographical location.

A very mystical and magical number combination holds the truth, secret, and a divine key to the Universe. Whoever able to decode the full meaning of this number, the person got to be a super genius.  

It’s a significant number combination comprises the vibrational energy, and a mixture of the attributes of number 3, number 6, and number 9. It includes all of space, time, vacuum, matter, metaphysical, energy, nature, and mother earth.

The energy of creation, imagination, manifestation and bringing it into the matter, to simply exist and being in physical forms, express the true nature. Awaken and back to the spiritual path of WHOLE and ONENESS.

Your angel wants you to know seeing Angel Number 369 means it’s time to find the universe in you, THE YOUNIVERSE! To return to who you really are, the true essence of the unique authentic being.

The universe is in you, and you are the universe. Everything is connected as ONE. The outer world is a reflection of our inner world, and our thoughts create our own reality.

Our thoughts are a form of energy. When we change our thoughts and put our energy into a certain imagination and intention, we are changing and moving the energy towards that vortex, creating a new reality.

When you understand that by changing your vortex it will then reflects it back to the outer world, it sounds mystical but it’s simply magical. Our human body suit is nothing but energy too, in fact, everything is energy.  

As a human being living on earth, we are beyond physical being, we are multidimensional being living in multidimensional spaces simultaneously.

Your angel wants you to know, you too, and every human being can always reconnect to our multi-dimensional self through meditation, focusing on our breathing, observing our own thoughts without judgement, simply just observe and let it go.

With practice, we realized there is a higher pure consciousness and divine intelligent beyond our mind working 24/7 nonstop wanting the best for us.      

This is the right moment now, releasing and let go of any self-sabotage, feelings of lack, feelings of not enough, feeling guilt, remorse, grief, shame, resentment, sadness, lies, manipulations, and anything that hold individual back to their own highest truth and true potential.

As you learn to control your own thoughts form by placing energy and open up to only the highest truth, love, compassion and joy. A new life path is opening up and merging from now to light and love.

With Angel Number 369, you hold the secret key to the universe in YOU and the truth!

Angel Number 369 – The last spirituality journey on earth.

The nature of our soul is all about curiosity, experience, and expansion. Learning and expressing.

It’s not hard to believe that seeing angel number 369 resonates with the curious soul come to life once more, it’s the last spiritual journey on earth after many lifetimes of the learning experience.

It comes to this life where the avatar is awakening, shaking off the ego self and back to the childlike nature of happiness. The loving authentic being, the expression is beauty and whole.


Note: Angel Number 369 captured my immediate attention for its unique combination and outlook.  

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