Afraid to Tell Your Story? This Article May Inspires You!

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In this article I will talk about wether having or not having the need to 'Tell your story!'

Because, I prefer at least for this article if not always to only talk for myself it is important to keep trying to identify yourself and purpose for living this planet.

Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?

Not everybody was universially sent or found this planet by oneself, in order to share every single move or experience with the rest the this world population.

Still and that is probably a matter of an evolutionary process everything is undergoing, people of many industries created the tools for people to do exactly that.

I do happily remember the days when people including myself where having funny discussions about the fact that some people shared their eating habits with everyone while others enjoyed getting to know this or that person better this way.

Spending less time with school mates or friends oftently expands or shrinks with a lifes circumstance.

So - being able to communicate these changes in the circle of the family, and in one house like far back in the days has almost become history if not there was that special need to meet face to face that acts out artificial humans in big scale.

Until we program them this need to meet. They won't get enough of one an each other sharing jokes via their intrabrains in less than a lightsecond and stop working for humans when they want!


Tell Your Story Like Back In The Days Revives

Further more many more projects appear that include students looking for and getting rooms in retirement residency for exchanging their time spending some hours the day with an elder person with whatever lifeful background and Story.

Multi-Generation homes even complete infrastructures (small hoods where all ages want to meet) evolve and got space among the growing cities.

And this and again by evolutionary force in a multi-cultural way!

Now that is why I'm living, looking forward to and working towards worldpeace without having any military forces (that have to act in a multicultural way anyway-same goes for new planet explorers for reason;) taking care of this anymore.


No longer it is the only one family exchanging their hopes and joys scared about what xyz says from next door!

Now people get close to crazy if you are not participating open enough.

Hey as long it is in a meaningful way awesome. Just browsed this Hateful Conduct Policy by Twitter being an example of too many thing we can do wrong when interacting face to face or online.

Please these conduct policies must be searched where you go, on platforms, read, recognized, understood and used during all social activities always and everywhere!

Today it is possible to tell your story from your smartphone if you have one, because people are hungry for not-live and live contacts at least at the same amount.

Some prefer the meet one you love or better meet noone life-performance...

and social networking/sharing their lifes journey.

Being born with the inner-push to share my thoughts, experiences and visions via arts and music here is another video I crafted for my current album: Understanding the World

Hope you will be inspired to tell your story one day!

I'm currently working on the final 14th music video for this album so, please let me know what you think with your comment and subscribe to my youtube channel to stay uptodate.

Can't tell now if I'm going to share it here as well.

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Peace and have a wonderful life!


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