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In this article I would like to share my vision that is responsible for 100% of my productivity.

(i had to "pixel paint in" a tree into this article image - because I love trees)

I also hope to inspire you to either empower or to discover your personal vision.

My Vision In short: World Peace

For a better understanding my vision, I've also added a song called: Xenophobia has gone and the songs lyrics, I made back in 2005 into this article, that is describing major parts of the daily vision that keeps me going and interacting with life and what I also mean by saying: World Peace.

World Peace in the most common sense is everything after World War 2 before that one and before World War 1 - I prefer to stop going far deeper into history for this article;)

This means those countries with the largest military aresenal currently keep up this world to be in a peaceful state. Questionable - but I am glad to be a spriritual being living in a country that is not in war with any other nor in a civil war.

Still, and because of me working, consuming and paying taxes here in this country that still belongs to those big dogs, creating and trading weapons while training people, police and soldiers in countries having conflicts on protecting their country against ANY kind of criminal activities in the eyes of government xyz. 

Because any of my interaction has an effect on what happens in this world - doing nothing or doing something about anything, I don't blame anyone for facts that are created by anybody, but must act in a away I believe is leading to world peace in the way I try to explain in here.

So, what do I mean mentioning World Peace and what does my vision of a better world looks like?

First of all world peace is the time in that there are no more conflicts between people of a smaller and bigger territory test out show off and of course not use any kind of weapon against another human being.

Conflicts are discussed and negotiated - in ONLY this way until all parties are satisfied with the result.

This will be possible because there is no longer a reason for a single government to see itself in a leading position amongst any other nor sees any reasons for doing so.

This picture naturally flows into a countries society and mirrors back into the come, work, trade and simply live together.

The picture was painted as usual by the majority of people not in leading as it used to be still in fighting each othpositions, but because of their needs on what they want this life to be for them and their kids.

The power of an order (restaurant, shop, and where else you can exchange goods for good).

When I was about 8 years of age our class went on an river elbe harbor boat trip that was an alternative one. Yes those later ecofriendly people of the 70th (and there raw-models) must have been responsible for that one (thank you:)!

At that time many traditional fish could hardly survive in that river.

This has changed!

People are allowed to swim in the river again and many fish returned and look a lot better...

The tools haven't yet all been created to allows to only support and put our best practices together, but one very important one was made by many women and men of the past and is developed by a greater amount of individuals today.

You guess it - the world wide web.

What other people were dreaming of back then is reality now and helps us to communicate solutions in real time.

It's not about me believing in the vision of us human beings reaching out to take the best care about the one and every other person, it is the vision that is believing in me to write posts, about write songs about and to get up every day for as long as I am alive here on earth.

Xenophobia has Gone

Xenophobia has Gone Lyrics

xenophobia has gone we look at each other
calm and open
we regards us as friends
and the drunkenness of prejudice has gone
and we finally and carefully shake hands
we stopped to undervalue aids
and started to finance care
we stopped feeding an uncertain future
and developed a common thought to share

it's a milestone in history
that we don't create weapons anymore
the guns we've produced are scrapped and recycled
so many feel much safer now
yes they unlock they unlock their doors

fuel nation chiefs they took a look into the sky
the solar energy system support commission is complete now
oil pollution good bye

the reforesting programs did solid the grounds
and helped cleaning the air
no more ghettos wooden houses everywhere

we managed to combine wild-life preservation
to the growth of our population
we knew there was plenty of good work and food for all of us
by fair trade we stopped the rural
we stopped the rural exodus

Xenophobia has gone - Lyrics by OOD © Oliver Ohene-Dokyi - 2005
credits from Who Are You, released July 10, 2005.

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I'm wishing you peace, love, success, healthy and happiness for your every Day:)

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What is your vision and mission?

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