a life amids the chaos part (2)

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Pain that accompanies injustice.

Chop...chop....chop “how many pieces you got boy” Jacob (the father) asked as the wind started to pick-up, making it very tiring to continue cutting. “I have 70 pieces” replied John( the son). The father had a light smile “very nice” he said, “let's take a break in the hut” the two lumberjacks sat in the hut. As a couple of stray cats run quickly leaving the hut, John tried to run after them but the father “stop my son. you see, they are looking for their means to live but alas...no food in this hut” a grim look on the father face as the birds fly across entering the city, passing by the great wall. john looked up, watching the view of the birds flying, how easy it was for them to reach his long-desired goal. Gazing at the city wall, the seemingly never-ending platform of metal with a large gate about 20 meters high and 70 meters in diameter. With an arrow tower extension every 50 meters of the wall segment. His eyes wonder as he comes across a hole in the ground just being dug, “what are they doing dad” John asked with burning passion to know. “Building a ditch my son soon they will fill it with water to prevent attackers” Jacob replied. Showing slight hesitation when answering, fearing his son would get the excitement of an unknown destiny. “GREETINGS COMMONERS” a vicious voice rose in the surrounding area. John spontaneously jumped and went out of the hut to see what was the commotion about. Hurt broken by the view of the soldiers that are sworn to protect the city and its surroundings, exercising bribery and blackmailing. He asked “what are they doing dad” with sparkling eyes and rage for the disastrous activities. “Collecting taxes my son, its the price of living a normal life, having freedom and being safe and secure” not wanting his son to build the hatred that may cause a rebellious youth when he grew up. “How much is the taxes,” John asked with utter confusion. How can the soldiers tax them more than what they actually got? The soldiers reached their hut and asked them for the price of 100 pieces of cut wood. Where they didn't even manage to sell their first collection, because of the bad weather “I’m sorry dear sir I have yet to sell what I have collected, you can see the effect of the weather on productivity” Jacob tried to get away without losing what he got. “YOU EITHER GIVE AS THE GOLD OR WE TAKE THE WOOD” as the son turned to a pile of about 200 pieces “sir if you would give me until this afternoon I would have your money” little did the father know, that you really can't negotiate with someone that wants what you have. “TAKE 150 PIECES” the two lumberjacks were devastated. john said "why" the soldier replied (with a phrase I really don't think I am allowed to say at digital blogger but that's beside the point) then the father said “I believe you did ask for 100 piece’s price if I'm not mistaken” trying to maintain his composure. “YOU GET A 50 PIECE FINE FOR NOT SELLING, I AM GONNA WAST TIME SOLVING THE MISTAKE THAT YOU HAD DID”. The two felt broken as the soldiers went away with their hard-worked wood.

Pain is normal, suffering is a decision you except.  

Looking at the soldiers walking to the next place to suck their life, the father and his son go to grab something to eat, as they walk to near food stand. “Why...3hours work lost in an instant” John sobs as the father taps his back “you have to grow up my son never look at the circumstances if your feeling negative look inside thought, discipline your disappointment.” Being an old military veteran he had some ways that enhanced his mentality. It was 8:30 when the two reached a small room where a man was selling bowls of porridge for 2 coppers they order two bowels and 2cups of water. After the 3 hour work and the somewhat heartbreaking event, even the bowel of porridge has the strongest of aromas to smell. The boy had experienced his first event of maturity, the cruelty of injustice. And who are those people that take pleasure of others' suffering why would they feel that way, what is their motive....surely this is one of the mysteries of life. “They're gonna pay for this” crying his mind to the future, the boy expressed. “No-no my son revenge hurts the person more than it does his enemy” calming his son’s rage, but with no success. As they finished their meal, instead of going to the hut they took another route John thinking to himself (what is my dad up to) they stopped in front of a half-broken, window shattered, bad smelling cabin where the father knocked the door with no answer, the father opened the door and they saw a corpse With smell so bad it would let them run away fearing to get ill or diseased. “That's what happens to people that don’t follow the rules here my son, don’t make me lose you”. The son felt as if his wings that would have taken him to the top of the wall to get his revenge have shattered and thus, he was falling with no place to land. “But dad.....why” the boy lost and couldn’t process the word to say, in a world where felines go unrealized because of the fear of death.

My comments 

I hope you liked the part (2) would really be helpful to see if anyone enjoys it and could point out mistakes I had. Eng isn't my first language so I would be happy to have any feedback

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