A life amidst the chaos part(1)

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A life amidst the chaos part(1)

The emotional we chose.

In life certain emotions become dominant, the food to share and joy to give, the laughter to feel and sorrow to bare, and how come different emotions differently affect people. Is it really all to do with person’s mentality or state or is it all to do with luck as do money and happiness...or are they!?!

A cycle of bad events

“John...HURRY ON BOY” Jacob roared, a scream that opens our story with the disturbed father echoing through a narrow corridor where the one bedroom apartment used to be. “I’M COMMING DAD” replied John, “the enterprise isn’t going anywhere dear father” he then continued; realizing the displeasure that yelling may have caused for his father. “AS DO YOU POOR POCKET IF YOU DONT CHANGE THAT ATTITUDE” the father’s voice got higher as the words of his own! opened the past to a different image where he flashed-back to a time where looking for money and ways to live wasn't that hard, and why would anyone work from 5 at the morning to 9 at night just to have a good meal before bed. “What happened dad” surprised John by his father. Daydreaming. The father snapped”who..humm...NOTHING” walking through the corridor that ends with a worn-out door that opens to the city’s outskirts where productivity was the only mean to survive.(not to be great...to survive) as the morning breeze became rotten with the sense of despair and a group of homeless villagers where between life and death lining up across a sandy most dried-up alley where there was no water to drink and food to eat, and for the major dilemma there were no dreams to take them away from their inclining state. "go straight and never stare.....be grateful and wish them an easy end." Jacob said. the air gets heavy congested with the variety of different emotion that the people had.

The blessings of work.

Upon arriving at a small hut in the corner of the marketplace. Where the cats lived John looked to his dad “when are we going inside the city dad”, said the ambitions boy. “the city is no place for commoners my child” opening the door to the 4 - axe cabin. “grab your axe boy..timber today is as bad as our future is if we don't work hard”. “Sure thing dad” the boy smiled looking at the trees visualizing the day that he will change his life work his way to the top, while a desperate father paying the price for his past mistake is struggling to provide for his family. The day opens up as the two woodcutters began the major factor for success which is hard-word.

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