Accolate to our beautiful women

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Walking around the beautiful university campus of Stellenbosch, dreaming about the pretty girls in class, I came across the only ‘things’ that could get my mind off the most important subject of the moment which was of course; how can I get to know some of those pretty girls in class? These ‘things’ were the girls from the music conservatory walking past. Fortunately, I studied a course which did not lack the female specie.

University of Stellenbosch CampusUniversity of Stellenbosch Campus

The decision about what to study was carefully comprehended by my best friend and I in the final year of high school.

The steps about what to study according to our wisdom was:

  1. Which Campus had the most girls ( that was easy);
  2. Which Campus had the prettiest girls (here it became very messy, because our ideas about pretty were worlds apart. After a series of extremely long debates and visiting Stellenbosch during a rugby tour it was easily settled. Stellenbosch University was the campus of choice.
  3. The sticky part? What course to study? I felt sorry for him, he had a knack for science which led his parents to believe that chemical engineering was his destiny, but we both knew that it was easier to find Zinc on the Periodic Table than a girl in the chemical engineering class. I enjoyed business. I found the perfect study course after I heard from a trustworthy source at campus that the Industrial Psychology class was filled with beautiful girls with the nearest male competition in the Physical Science department about a mile away. This sounded like the perfect fit for me. At that stage I felt that male competition would not be good for the business of finding the prettiest girl on campus.  

To this day I am still wondering why the Psychology class had so many girls and so few men. I did not share my views, then, with my classmates as it would definitely spoil my plans to get to know the female specie a little better. My view then was, and should I add a very over simplistic view, that they had way more problems to deal with than us males. My assessment was confirmed by observing the problems which the pretty girls had when dealing with the unwanted attention of many of the eager young men.


The Industrial Psychology building in the background of the Stellenbosch Campus.

The weekend was filled with endless discussions of how unfair life was in the engineering and science field

For some or other reason the Industrial Psychology class was one I never missed. Even the weekend surf trips were extended until class finished on a Friday afternoon at half past 4. My surf buddies initially scolded me for the long wait before we could embark on the journey, that is until the day we exited class and they saw - the most beautiful a species the world could offer frolicing out of class. I was met with wide eyes, and praise, for my decisions made about the field of study . That weekend was filled with endless discussions of how unfair life was in the “engineering and science field”. Thereafter some of the surf buddies tried to change courses but that plan was quickly terminated by their parents wisely knowing it would be a serious waste of precious study funds. I always told them to do your homework first; and explained how I carefully crafted my plan, since I was 16 years old, and being without a date to a school dance. I then knew that brains should outwit muscle. I was always the smallest boy in the grade and had to outwit myself, many a time, out of sticky bully situations.

undefinedStellenbosch University - Campus life

Group activities in all the other classes were boring and frustrating to say the least. There are always those few students not pulling their weight which left one with either bad marks or overworked. At that stage, I wanted to pass with the least possible work being done. The only exception being psychology of course. According to my plan, this would be the simplest opportunity to make contact with a bunch of girls, and in my wildest dreams invite them for a weekend surf trip to loosen the juice and together, really, get to the bottom of how the human psyche functions. I would also be regarded as a hero, by my surf buddies, and be inscripted into the wall of surf fame - for all the reasons that has nothing to do with surf.


Famous Victoria Street on Stellenboch Campus

This morning I was thinking about those beautiful species from the Psychology class. I wondered where they were today? How their lives turned out?

I wish them peace, health, happiness and prosperity because this is what I have found in my own life.

Thank you for reading


Louis Munro


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