The power of music to connect all ages

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My gratification to life and to my mother who created me and her mother who created her, without you both I would never exist in this world.  Thank you!

My husband has been dedicated to sharing his stories with me and I have the privilege to have the experience and be with the stories.  We have been married over 40 years, we are now creating our new passion, being a digital blogger and the online entrepreneur, we are reconnected through these stories. Hope you enjoyed reading the stories as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

He just wants to talk about that little instrument called the 'ukulele'.  Its popularity goes back a long way where he can remember a bloke called George Formby who was on the radio. He would sing funny songs while strumming the uke and photos of him showed him to have "buck" teeth.

Anyway, the uke has surged back into a craze where music stores have a large variety of different size ukes hanging from their walls. Hundreds of uke clubs all around the world have emerged and the internet is full of information relating to the uke.

It has been proven that all genres of music can be played on this instrument whereas before it was regarded as a "fun" thing to take to a party or the beach.

There is an orchestra called the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain who performs around the world.  Jake Shimabukuro, a Hawaiian, has taken playing the uke to new heights and to watch him play is breathtaking.

A winner of America's Got Talent, Grace Vanderwaal was only twelve years old in 2016. This shows you young people are taking up the uke instead of the more popular guitar.

Even though many of the top brands come from Hawaii, there are plenty of ukuleles made all around the world. Made in sizes of, Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Bass, they come in different shapes as well.  Imagination has run wild and colourful design, pictures and even pearl inlays on the uke has made it an instrument of beauty.  Extras such as build in Tuners and Amplifiers plus exotic carrying cases are available.  Ukes made of special wood such as 'Koa', plastic, bamboo and probably other materials, give the buyer a headache when wanting to purchase the instrument.

You can pay from around ten up to the thousands of dollars for a uke but remember, if you are serious, stay away from the "too cheap" models, for if you read hidden talents you would know why. 

He finds that ukuleles are additive, which may sound weird.  Friends of his have at least three ukes while one person he knows has up to eight!

Once you get to learn a few chords and begin strumming a couple of songs. you will start to get on the internet.

There are heaps of free instructors and lessons available there, also, songs galore that can be played with two or three easy started chords.

Joining a club has it's advantages too as you will get to play and sing with a large group and not feel an outsider.

So go out, get one, no matter how old you are, it will make you live a happier one!

Happy playing! and hope this inspires you to go and get one and create a new hobby or become a pro! 

What is it that is stopping you from pursuing the things you love? 

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