Are you looking for an inspirational film to watch this weekend ? Check this true story.

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This film made me to realise to stop moaning and appreciate my life even more. Inspired me to push myself from the comfort zone.

If you are looking for an inspirational film, my warm recommendation would be: CHARGED :  The Eduardo Garcia Story , directed by Philip Baribeau

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Life writes the most inspiring and the most cruel scenarios. This is one of them. Eduardo, chef and outdoor spirit, while hiking in his beloved Montana was shocked with 2400 Volts of electricity. He almost lost his life. Went through hell, ended up losing his left arm, lost lots of muscle on his chest, legs… While being in recovery process, doctors found he had 2nd stage of spine cancer. The film is not about what he has lost - but more important on what he has found : himself and his life purpose. Through pain, through tragedy, but also through incredible positive life approach.  He overcame fears and learn how to live again. Beautiful story. Sharing with you as we all can learn so much and it can help us to find strength and passion to carry our lives with open hearts and bright eyes.

Love, Aleks x

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