Art, Love, Passion & Empathicism

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Art, Love, Passion & Empathicism


There are several truths in this world.  But the most important kinds have existed long before humanity and civilization. Art, for example… is an essential truth that defines so many things we so presumptuously take for granted in our everyday life. 

Now my aim is not to argue this point, but rather state a case.  Mathematics and Science are two of the most important factors of the modern world. Yet, neither could find a congruent connection without a harmonious balance with Art. Whether it be a pyramid, rocket ship, ocean liner or the magnificent dome of the Sistine Chapel, no beauty, accuracy or precision could or would exist without art.


Love finds its ebb and flow with this truth, I am sure most will agree.  For, it is spoken about outwardly, yet the expression of love is so often times withheld by many who wish to share it.  Yet through art, this esoteric truth comes to bloom much like a cypripedium and ripens even, much like a plump Grenache grape on its vine. Art brings love into fruition when it has been waiting ever so patiently and modestly biding its time.


There is however, another truth that calls to come into play. Without this existential element, neither art love nor inspiration could plausibly be defined.  The Aztecs, Druids, Greeks, and Romans… they all knew this!  It has shaped our beliefs, our philosophies, our religions, spirituality, and our inner being for centuries.  This visceral truth is unmistakably, Passion.  It is what charges the scientist to finish his formula or the inventor to complete his creation.  It is the very truth that helps us to hear that inner voice to see the vision or seek the knowledge.  Passion is the catalyst to the action of nearly all that is worth doing. Without it, so much of our motions, emotions and maneuvering would be mundane in their own sensibility. 

Passion is the stir of emotional consciousness as well as energy.  Understanding passion beginning with ourselves is what enables us to come to understand others without “standing under” prejudice or preset notions of judgment.  From the understanding of passion, comes the knowledge of compassion.  This virtue is what cultivates the sensitivity to ascertain a truth that has come to be a vital component of my consciousness comprehensively – Empathy.

Empathy is the ability to feel without touching, hold without handling and in many cases… have without being given.  It is an internal interface to what stimulates our emotions and triggers our subconscious into consciousness.

This truth has guided me in the direction of doing more than merely creating the art style of “Empathicism.”  In truth it has given me the directive to discern the emotional intuitiveness of “self” in the process of comprehending others. 


I suppose I might say an ”emotional restitution” had to occur within me, before I could truly come to realize with “real eyes” that a style was being born in the new or different way I began to paint, compose and create.  Relying more on the emotional eye or eyes of my inner self is what brought about the style Empathicism, as opposed to the need of seeking external inspiration. 

Empathicism, like many things, is an extension of Emotion itself.  This style does not rely on theorized technique or formulaic application.  It is merely based on the emotional connectivity from artist, to surface, to viewer.  Herein lays the balance that has culminated the style.    

Art, Love, and Passion are truths that have set so many aspects of knowledge free… Free for us all to indulge and imbibe.  One must think artfully in their being each day in order for their own journey to become fulfilled in every way. Love who you are.  Be passionate about something… regardless to how menial others may think it to be.


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