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I decided to post an article on a novel psychological technique developed by Dr Vernon Woolf called Holodynamics that I consider a fun and effective means of dealing with negative energy. We all accumulating this energy within our cells, often causing us to feel unsettled and less happy than we wish. However, the problems and issues often go far beyond just feelings but compromise the core of our physical well-being.

This video supplies an excellent overview of what Holodynamics is all about.

Of course, there are several approaches and techniques to non-medical, natural healing, such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Transcendental Meditation, etc. Yet, I found the Holodynamics approach to have long-lasting merits that I benefited from after several years of practice.

I first came across Holodynamics when a friend mentioned that a weekend seminar in Holodynamics was being offered by Dr Woolf in Calgary (where I live) in a few weeks. Up until then, I never heard of this. The enrolled were required to read a couple of books and a manual written on the subject.

What resulted from that weekend was several participants who, with me, decided to form a Holodynamic group whereby we would, as advised, 'track' each other regularly in practising the technique to learn how to help ourselves and others.

'Tracking' is relatively easy, but the science behind it is profound and requires some study to grasp. At the end of this article, I have included the step by step tracking process to print copies to practise with someone if you wish to try it.

What's fun about it is that you use your imagination, or your imagination uses you, to graphically identify images that represent problems and solutions in your life.



Holodynamics may be described as a psycho-therapeutic approach that can often achieve mental and emotional healing, and in many cases, physical healing too! The word means the "whole dynamic" based on the particle/wave dynamics discovered in quantum physics over the last 100 years.

The founder of Holodynamics, Dr Vernon Woolf, considers it a psychological application of quantum physics in as much as it explores the subatomic world whereby a new order of reality emerges that's not subject to the Newtonian laws of material physics, which is why the results can be so astonishing and immediate.

The old orthodox approaches of psychiatry and psychology may at times prove ineffective because they are too flat, allopathic and chemical to accommodate an inwardly spiritual approach to emotional healing.

Holodynamics operates by addressing a subtle level of consciousness that bypasses normal mental resistances. In fact, the founder, Dr Vernon Woolf, has had significant success in working with mental patients in a state hospital in Utah; helping in the rehabilitation of many recidivist prisoners; decreasing drug abuse among youth in various communities.

He also had overwhelming success in the USSR and was even inducted into the Russian Academy of Sciences and made a permanent member in the mid-1980s; successfully defused tension among certain terrorist groups in the Middle East, etc. (The list goes on and on).

The healing technique is to 'track' the negative holodynes that have become sub-atomically registered in our cellular microtubules. We may identify these as debilitating 'thought forms' or beliefs which manifest mentally and physically as habits and addictions. These holodynes might have been acquired through any number of influences such as family, peer groups, culture, or from conscious or unconscious beliefs about ourselves or any belief that leads to distress and dysfunctional behaviour.

Through the tracking process, these negative (downdraft) holodynes become replaced with positive (updraft) holodynes which are the vibratory frequencies in a holograph, which we have recently understood as the matrix for all of reality.

In changing the vibratory frequencies through these exercises of visualization to something more positive, one may become liberated from the power of the negative holodynes. Provided there is the will and persistence to potentialize the positive holodyne by following through with this visualization process; the higher frequencies will restructure and solidify the cellular microtubules with improved patterns, thereby reprogramming us with new cellular responses.

In sum, Holodynamics as an applied discipline facilitates the interfacing of the material-physical and super-spatial spiritual dimensions of reality, because both are holistically acknowledged, allowing for healing to come forward from a higher plane of vibratory existence.



There is no one way to practice tracking since it’s not fixed. However, the tracking questions below are necessary and effective procedures to follow. There is no reason you can’t modify some of these questions if it proves more helpful.

Begin with a trusted friend who will ask the tracking questions. Before beginning, relax and identify what is bothering you, be it short term, long term or maybe a lifetime issue such as resentment or trauma. If we are honest, we all have them, and perhaps even related clusters of downdraft holodynes (problems/pains/issues) we've never resolved or been able to resolve. Often that’s because we've swept them under the rug, pretending they don’t exist. Still, they persist, surfacing in ways we don’t recognize.

After answering these questions, be it ten minutes or an hour, you can then reverse roles to track your tracker with their concerns.

After a few sessions, you might find tracking becoming easier as you learn to relax and TRUST that your divine mind/presence will show you what's to be visualized. I have received a wide variety of images from clowns to trains. It can be anything, moving or stationary. The downdraft holodynes generally are not pleasant beings or objects but serve a purpose in identifying your issues so they may be transmuted, assimilated and synthesized into a final updraft vibratory energy.

After this is all done, it is a good idea to ‘potentialize’ the image, so that it’s energetic field will stay with you. To do this, I recommend you record your experiences and holodyne images in a Holographic journal. These images may be drawn or downloaded from pictures in your computer, or magazines, and pasted into your (cyber or physical) journal.

This technique empowers us to employ our inner wisdom to give us the answers we seek to liberate us from emotional, mental, and even physical pain. We are capable of healing ourselves by using the higher, transcendent presence we all have within us as spiritual beings.

Woolf chooses to call this spiritual presence our ‘Full Potential Self, but you may refer to this transcendent quality anything you wish, such as Self, Higher Self, Spirit, or if you are religious; Holy Spirit, Christ, or Atman.  


Prepare for Tracking

Go to your place of peace and call upon your Full Potential Self to assist you
Ask what is or are the issues
Ask to identify any blocks you may have

Identify the Downdraft Holodyne

What do you feel?
Where do you sense it in your body?
What does it feel like?
Does it have a colour; a shape?
What sounds come from it?
Is there anything else you sense about it?
If this holodyne was a being what kind of being would it be (if any)?
Step away from yourself and take a look at it. What else can you sense?

Ask your Full Potential Self
When did it first come into your life?
What was happening then?
Surround it with love and appreciation

Ask the Downdraft Holodyne

What are you doing?
When you do that, what do you get? 
What do you want?
If you had that, then how would you feel?
Keep investigating until you find out its positive intent.

Can you then thank your downdraft holodyne for doing its job well?
Can you extend your love to it so it will unfold its deepest intentions to you?

Ask your Full Potential Self

To note what the holodyne wants
To locate or create an updraft, mature holodyne that represents what this downdraft wants   
What does it look like? Describe it.


Bring the two holodynes together and ask the downdraft holodyne if it will accept the help of the updraft holodyne to help it achieve what it really wants by merging.

Allow them to merge
What is happening?
What is the result?
Is the downdraft now absorbed into the new synthesis?
If not, ask what else the downdraft wants and add it to the merger
Allow the updraft to replace the old feeling in the body, absorbing all the old energy.
Is it finished yet?

Ask your New Updraft Holodyne

Ask the updraft holodyne if it will unfold its full potential to you
Ask what messages does it have for you at this time?
Anything else?         
Ask if there is something it would like you to do to ground this new information to your daily life

Do you choose to live in this new updraft state?
Will the new holodyne be there for you and help you to so live?
Do you commit to this new relationship?
Will you meet regularly at a roundtable with this new holodyne to potentialize it?

Will you incorporate this new fully potentialized holodyne throughout your entire being, your body, every cell, your energy, your consciousness, every aspect of your life: people, places, things, concepts, ideas, actions from its beginning and through all dimensions.


For further reading on this subject, I recommend, Holodynamics and/or The Dance of Life, both by Veron Woolf.

A list of his books may be found on his website and this Amazon page


Access the Holographic website for video, book purchases, etc. http://www.holodynamics.com/  

Although not great in sound quality, the following interviews of Dr Woolf provide an excellent orientation to Holographics.

Introductory Video https://youtu.be/CPycF7mb0tc  

Interview 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zII_322ue0c  

Interview 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m74qnf8QyiY  

Interview 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnCxf2kKNnw  

Interview 4 https://youtu.be/Yzg3OfznJgw  


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