Article writing, my aims ....

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thinking of you so I may write an article

As I sit here thinking of you,

Will you honour my view,

As I write these verses few,

For your new breakthrough.

the road to research for the artilce writing

Research far and wide

have I travelled to apply

A word serving as a guide

so as to hinder your backslide



So come read my prose

so that it overthrows

as your ideas decompose

and arise anew with the rainbows


the new you - aim of article writing

You shall take the nouveau

and out with the hoe

you shall beat with a blow

the old and behold you shall grow

across the comfort zone we go - the use of article writing


Across the comfort zone

you go unbeknown

to the outcome alone

you travel unchaperoned

a new picture of you - article writing benefits

Once across that ceiling been

there you stand all keen

to adorn new riches glean

to a new picture clean


I sat there thinking of thee - to better write my article


And so I sat here thinking of thee

with a bonnet and a bee

in order to help you’ll agree

with nothing but a decree


I shall be glad you’ll take note

that this came in keynote

so to download the antidote

that came as an anecdote

to give value - in my article writing

With no other aim

but to give value I came

so to ignite your inner flame

and begone with no counterclaim

undefinedNow a cuppa to brew

did I make to read anew

 your comments so true

for my breakthrough!

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