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Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well.

This week I have gone back to fashion figures for drawing, where it all started from.

Reference Photo’s

I have been using reference photo’s to do them with and drawing them from scratch using a head proportion template I set up.  It’s just a vertical axis line with nine equal sections running down it which represent the size of the head as a unit of measure.  This is a very common method used for fashion illustrators.

                           Back to Fashion Figures

I chose mostly front view references so that I could get to grips with those.  I also focused on the movement of the body and I really feel that I am better at balancing it out than I was back in March when I started this challenge, even though I have mostly been focusing on faces.

Pick a Media to Master

I also seem to be sticking with pencil as a main media to use. It wasn’t a conscious thought but  I wanted to practice the use of line weight and blending. Even though it is just one media there are so many things you can use to create different effects.  You can use paint brushes to blend, different hardnesses of pencil, an eraser for highlights.  The possibilities are numerous. 

That isn’t to say I won’t have a day when I burst out into another medium just ‘cause I feel like it! But either way I am enjoying coming back to fashion figures.

To see my sketches for this week head on over to my instagram page @zoebadgerart.

Until next week happy sketching.


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