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There is a feeling that you have inside of you, that is trying to guide you in the right direction, in order for you to fulfill your higher purpose.  I've heard that feeling being described as the following; intuition, a sixth sense, a gut feeling, a hunch, to name a few.  I believe with everything inside of me, that the feeling is the voice of Almighty God.

However, you need to be calm and have a certain level of peace within yourself to hear His voice clearly.  Also a certain level of self awareness to understand what is being said to you.  It is absolutely essential for every aspect of your life, to listen to His voice and act upon the direction being given to you.

To give you an example from my own life, I decided to cut all ties with a friend of mine about 2½ years ago.  At the time, I felt that the relationship was very one-sided and was not healthy for me.  Much later, I thought that may be I was a little harsh in cutting the person off.  I recently allowed this person back into my life, and I was glad that I did.  However, recent events have proved that the decision that I made 2½ years ago was correct, as this person has been a negative influence.

This is the importance of trusting the guidance that you feel inside of you.  Listen to His voice, trust Him and act accordingly.  I have learnt a valuable lesson today:  BACK MYSELF!  No matter what!  You will hear all kinds of voices, this person telling you one thing, that person telling you something else.  It does not matter who the person is, or what they are telling you, only you know what is in your heart.

It takes great courage to follow what is in your heart.  You will receive all kinds of s**t from all angles.  I know it can be hard, but just trust in what you feel so strongly deep inside of you. 

Almighty God is with you and He is for you, always.


Thank you for reading!

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