Ross Allen Reviews "Better Days" (Music)

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Better Days… We’ve all seen them

Love is an almost unfathomable feeling. Unless you are a psychopath waiting for your chance to shine, you have or will experience love, most likely more than once in life (now that I think about it, can a psychopath love as well?). There really isn’t a more potent, intangible source in our lives that controls almost everything we do. Love can create life (quite literally) and destroy life. This is the driving force in Lord Toph’s light and bittersweet “Better Days.”

“Better Days,” is a song from Lord Toph’s contemporary album, "Articles in the Cellar." “Articles in the Cellar” is (to my best description) an Adult Contemporary Album with R&B backing and Pop Vocals, reminiscent to the soothing sound of the old ‘70s classics (that was a mouthful). The song “Better Days" is a fantastic reminder of uninvited pain, packaged with loving someone. I feel it is a beautiful reminder, understanding that we as humans can be quite selfish with love. Often the pain in losing someone is looked at through our eyes only; how am I going to feel? How could that person do this to me?

Even after the fire, if you are seeing someone move on with their life, it can be salt to your wound, even if you have as well. There is a particular phrase in the song’s lyrics that gives light to that exact feeling: “I suppose you’re happy now with your big house, two dogs and Dr. Gray… And I’m so happy for you that I can’t find the words to say… And yes I’m on the grind, but when I find the time, I too might get to play… But in the meantime, I’m still waiting for my brown-eyed fancy to come my way.” The specificity in these words are a strong reminder just how detailed love, expectations, loss and hope can be to someone who was, is or wants to be in love. People can move on from a loved one or they can stay in the same place. Most often from my perspective, people tend to reach for the place inside themselves that is the least painful; easier said than done for sure.

I like when songs can be touchingly sad, yet the music is almost deceivingly uplifting. The guitar progression carries the backbone of the song, while the harmonies in Lord Toph’s verses support the tenderness of the message. I would like to think that he is trying to convey the duality of loving someone dearly and still being okay with losing them. 

Life can be a funny thing (I use that adjective carefully), but it is only meaningful if we can love and be loved in return (now what song is that from?). There is nothing new under the sun and love is the most innate emotion for anyone, yet we are still constantly reminded of its complexities. “Better Days” is another sweet reminder of the one feeling that never goes away, is stronger than all of us and is always evolving.

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Author’s Note

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-          Ross Allen

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