Buy back your time doing what you love: Digital Entreprenuership

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I have often thought of how it feels to wake up feeling free, not chasing time i.e deadlines, not trading your time for money and spending quality time with loved ones, feeling free to travel and seeing new places at anytime, having financial freedom and also making a lasting difference in the lives of other people.


That sounds like idealistic, like a mirage. Doesn't it?

Well, it's realistic and it's actually real. You and I, I mean anybody can now afford to buy back their time and experience the life of freedom described above. Thankfully, the digital era has allowed some form of access to opportunities to everyone regardless of geographiocal location, race, ethnicity, religion and educational status. I am talking of countless opportunities that the internet has brought to our generation.

In broad sense, human civilization has developed in distinctive phases as follows; Stone Age, Bronze Age and the Iron Age (which saw massive industrialisation) and now we are in THE DIGITAL AGE which is governed by the fast movement of ideas and information. The digital world has enhanced the interconnectedness of human relations, resulting in the ease of doing business. 

Probably you have heard the saying  "Time is Money". Well, that is not entirely true in the Digital Economy as "time is time and money is money". Imagine what freedom you would get in terms of time if you were running your business from a laptop from anywhere in the world. That means you would not have to rely on being in a 9-5 contract job for you to earn a living. So, you can earn a living while you are in a boat cruise, on transit, lying on a beach and even waiting at a car garage. This is a smart way to buy back your time and freedom and it is cost effective in terms of investing and running costs. 


You can no longer trade your time for money, if you are committed to learn new skills to participate in this new economy.  What it means is that, rather than you relying on a stressful or boring 9-5 paid job, you can actually learn the new skills which enable you to be your own boss as a Digital Entrepreneur.  This will give you a new set of rules to enable you to play by them, in order to succeed by using proven business systems. All you need is to invest in yourself, commit to learn, apply the skills and with a huge amount of support from the online community. One other thing you need is a computer with internet connection and you will be good to go. 

This is the moment you have been waiting for, so please don't sabotage yourself by using the tired arguments and excuses like; I can't, I don't have money, I don't have an education, I don't have time, I am old, I am sick etc. I too was like that, with too many excuses but I just DIVED INTO THIS POOL OF DIGITAL ENTREPRENUERSHIP WITH ZERO SKILLS AND I AM LOVING IT!

For how long will you remain tied up to that 9-5 job, and not even having time for your family. Life starts with acceptance of responsibility and we owe it to ourselves and our loved ones for us to adapt, learn, re-learn and invest for their better future. 

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