Challenge Your Art Skills

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Hello Everyone,

This week I wanted to discuss how to challenge your art skills, specifically with the ABC challenge.  This is where each day you take a letter of the alphabet and draw something that starts with that letter.


What I have discovered already and today is the day for the letter J is that it has led me to further my experimentation.  I have used watercolours, pencil, ink pen and markers so far in the last 10 days!  This experimentation if nothing else will lead you to naturally challenge your art skills.

The best thing is I have not had to force anything, these ideas and choice of media have happened organically as I have made the decision to decide ‘what’ to draw. It’s been a natural flow and has injected some inspiration and energy into my art and also my motivation to ‘do’ it.

Subject Matter

Doing the ABC challenge to challenge my art skills has also got me to draw things I have never even attempted before! More importantly I am eager to attempt them.  It has guided me to test my boundaries, I have drawn animals, created characters and drawn a boat! Never drawn a boat before, did not even know I could do it.  Also I would never have normally even picked a boat to draw!



This challenge as also made me really look at my ‘skills’, my hand eye coordination and how I plan out a drawing and measure the relationship between different parts to ensure an accurate as possible sketch.  I have done a lot of rubbing out! But I have also taken more care to get it right rather than just rushing forward which is something I can be prone to do to get to the finish line!

                      Challenge Your Art Skills

Also I have looked back and reflected so far which has been a massive boost of confidence in these 10 days so far when you see the diversity of what you can actually do and also the improvement from when I started to draw every day (as much as I possibly can) last March so it’s not even been a whole year yet!

I wanted to share this with you and urge you to have a go yourself with this challenge as most importantly I am finding it a LOT of FUN and I am sure you will to.  So if you feel like you are in a rut with your art or are just not feeling that inspired just for the next 26 days set yourself this challenge and see how far you can go when you challenge your art skills.

If you do I would love to hear about it and see some of your artworks.  You can find me on my Instagram account @zoebadgerart

Happy Sketching


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