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2 Samuel 1:23

they were swifter than eagles, they were stronger than lions

You are blessed with unique gifts and talents, designed to fulfill a higher purpose.  Your life is significant and it is only you that can accomplish the assignment that has been given to you.

Comparing yourself to others is self-deprecating.  You were designed to run your own race.  You were not made to compete with anyone else.  Your journey is specific to you, therefore you need to develop and maintain laser-like focus to achieve what you are made to do.

I know it is easy to compare yourself to others who have achieved the success that you want, however they are just at a different point in their journey than you.  I have read so many times that the most successful people are so focused on their own journey, that they do not pay any attention to what others are doing.

It takes great courage, commitment, determination and discipline to focus on your own race, but you have all those virtues in abundance.  Everything that you need to accomplish what you are made to do, lies within you.  Sometimes you may just need to dig a little deeper.

You are magnificent, and the journey that you are on will bring out the greatness within you.

Trust in the power that lies within you.

Almighty God is with you and He is for you, always!


Thank you for reading!

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