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This butterfly image of a man is rather interesting since it is an obvious geometrical representation of DaVinci's Vitruvian Man, or L'Uomo Vitruviano. Were the crop image artists suggesting the imminence of mankind's spiritual metamorphosis? Hmm...

After viewing the photos below, be sure to read the post where I give a brief analysis and opinion on this phenomenon. 

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These are a few of my favourite impressions.



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So what are we to make of these enigmatic formations: Weather conditions, hoaxers, aliens, CIA plot? What else might these 'phantoms of the night result from?

Personally, I’ve been interested in this growing phenomenon of thousands of crop formations for years and I’m always amazed at how they continue to make their appearance more plentiful and intricate throughout the world. Some are so mathematically intricate that they are considered to be 'sacred' geometry, many of which appear regularly in the area of Stonehenge.

It is estimated 10,000 or more have been documented since the 1970s. And not just etched in crops, but some have allegedly been reported to appear visible to have been etched in ice in certain remote areas in the far north that are visible to aircraft.  

As an aside, one of the reasons I’ve included the topic of crop formations in this blog is because there is a very interesting alien that keeps appearing in the plot of my ELYSIUM’S PASSAGE novel series. And so I thought I’d go a bit off-grid and briefly explore this topic to help keep this blog interesting.

In any case, my alien's name is Rhom and he’s a hoot! Ond one of the reasons he drops in on earth now and then is because of our Caribbean rum. However, it’s for much more than just that, since he has an important role to play in the unfolding of the life of James, the protagonist-narrator. His appearance and persona change for earthly life he assumes; astrophysicist prof, cab driver, ship captain, etc.

But back to ‘crop circles.’ To me, one of the strange things about these formations is the reactions of people who seem to need to explain them away, no matter how tenuous the explanation. At least it seems that way from my perspective.

If you wish to review a summary of sceptical enquiry on this, you may find with the Wikipedia entry on Crop Circles.   

It declares: “Although obscure natural causes or alien origins of crop circles are suggested by fringe theorists, there is no scientific evidence for such explanations, and all crop circles are consistent with human causation”

But then, science can be rather narrow with what parameters it considers acceptable. So where does this leave us in substantiating the cause of these circles? I don’t know, but still, I’m less than impressed with the simplistic dismissals that get flung about, especially by those who know very little compared to those who continue to study the phenomena.

For example, it’s okay to believe that crop circles result from being commercializing as t-shirts and souvenirs. I guess the hoaxers must get a piece of the action for their trouble. Somehow that’s supposed to explain the circles away? And apparently, it is pointed out that circles are generally located near major roadways for the convenience of tourists and hoaxers. Some are, but many are not.

All too often, debunkers prefer to ignore or disbelieve reports of formations occurring within a couple of hours or less during daylight hours or in the driving rain in the middle of the night. All in all, I would say many of these sceptical explanations are rather one-sided and don’t do much or anything to address the more enigmatic issues related to the formations.

And so the question remains of how these circles and images are able to take formation with creative and meaningful mathematical designs, including disks of binary codes and equations that relate to constellations. One image is of a face that only takes form when seen from far above.  

To me, at least, this is been beyond human comprehension unless these supposed hoaxers are extremely talented and dedicated. And what are those orbs of light hovering around in the sky over the subject site?  Videotapes (analogue format) have been scientifically examined, found no evidence of digital tampering.

As for the meteorological explanations, I think is one of the more ridiculous explanations, although it is said Steven Hawking accepted that, at least for a time, until defaulting to the prevailing hoax explanation. I understand even these meteorological dismissals have fallen out of favour… and for good reason. Chaos doesn’t produce design, at least not these kinds of designs, often spread over an entire field, such as with our butterfly man.

Of course, there have been plenty of hoaxes, but often, the pictures we have of these wannabe debunkers going out in a field with ropes and a board are less than impressive. Just because a team might be able to duplicate certain simple designs hardly proves or disproves anything. Admittedly, with enough time and organized effort, some are not too bad, although they’re never accomplished within an hour.

But really… 10,000 circles and symmetrical designs throughout the world, often in extremely remote areas, some not barely accessible except by air, such as in those in the ice of northerly regions. So who are all these hoaxers do their artist craft in often remote farmer’s fields all over the world? But why would they go to the effort… and what’s the payoff? And why don’t we know who these hoaxers might be as they go about the world creating thousands of these incredible formations?

On one ‘scientific’ YouTube video site, we are assured by the debunker that almost all have been identified and proven to be hoaxes and only a very small percentage still remain unexplained. But from what I understand, the truth is the opposite. In fact, one well-informed source, Rik van Kempen working in the field (pun intended) for over 26 years, suggests 6% or less might be considered to be hoaxes.

I suggest anyone who is interested watch her very informative videos. This is a link to one of her presentations: 

For those who remain open to what purpose might lie behind the formations, there are several theories. Of course, all of these are far more esoteric than what science is willing to consider what is being communicated and why it’s being communicated to the earth at this time. However, it’s not my purpose to promote this topic, and so won’t go into these here, although they are very interesting ideas to consider, even if they are highly speculative.

Rather than going on and on, back and forth on this topic, I have included a number of YouTube video links on pictures and various documentaries regarding various circles, including interviews with investigators and scientists. Some of these and many others that can be found online on YouTube are particularly intriguing as they examine the radioactivity, the 3D imagery, the mathematical formulations in the patterns, the intricate bends to the weaves, the altered nodes (without breaking the stocks as hoaxers do with their boards and ropes).

In sum, for me, it doesn’t matter what one might think about formations, whether they might be contrived hoaxes or something more exotic. And yet, as I said, I find many of these dismissive arguments to be less than convincing and often annoying. There are times sloppy reasoning by debunkers need to be critically examined and likewise debunked when loaded with facile explanations.

For anyone interested in the controversy, I say let’s consider all the facts and circumstantial evidence with an open and critical mind.

Anyway, it’s a fun topic so let me know your thoughts in the comments section at the end of this post.

Be sure to take a look at a sample of some of the following crop circle drone views. They are outstanding! 




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