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February 21, 2021  



Many of us may wish to be more creative if only we could find a way to break out of our old habits, routines and ways of doing things. So, if we are looking for inspiration, we might wish to look to Dimash for his creative genius.

When I watch his performances, I see a young man who breaks all the moulds. He can interpret an existing song such as All By Myself, Opera Two, SOS, etc. and make it his own with his creativity. Sorry, Lionel, but with all due respect, there will never be another Hello quite like Dimash’s. Not saying better or worse, each is perfect in its own way.

And that’s the point with creativity, we create and recreate in our own image. But, personally, I like Dimash’s image better than my own with his six or more octaves compared to my one and a half.  However, I have my own zones of creativity, as I’m sure you do too.

For those on my blog site who have never heard of Dimash, I have included a few of his original songs in collaboration with Russian musician Igor Krutoy, who not only composes with and for Dimash, but often plays the piano in many of the performances.

The three original compositions I’ve chosen for this post Ogni Pietra Olympico, Screaming and Passione are each creative, but in significantly different ways.

In Olympico, Dimash doesn’t seem to move a creative inch, but that just adds to the extreme intensity of the song. That is an appropriate creative interpretation of the song, whereas in Screaming, he’s all over the place, dancing, rapping and, frankly, ‘screaming.’  What a creative juxtaposing of musical genius!!!

Then there is Passione. How does one begin to describe the creativity in Passione? It has it all, but you have to see, hear, feel the ‘passion’. Such are all creative expressions of this magnitude, they can only be experienced, but not described. The mind has its limitations which is why the heart must enter into the creative event to encounter the ineffable.

It’s often humorous to listen to the scores of reviews of Dimash’s performances. They are all shocked, silenced, flummoxed, gobsmacked and dazed with wonderment. Now that’s creativity. Even the snobbish professional reviewers who often are opera singers and voice instructors resign to call him an alien and leave it at that.

Before we look deeper into the nature of creativity, here are the three songs I’ve featured to illustrate what I mean by Dimash’s creativity along with a few informed reviews.















Now, to look further into the subject of creativity, we might wish to ask what we can do to free ourselves from falling back into our same old habits and conventions dictated by all the social expectations and protocols we’ve allowed into our lives? First, let’s ask; what is creativity? The following are a few definitions from various dictionaries.

cre·a·tiv·i·ty/noun krēāˈtivədē/

·  The use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of artistic work.

·  The ability to produce or use original and unusual ideas.

·  Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something somehow new and somehow valuable is formed. The created item may be intangible or a physical object.

·  The ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination.

In this post, let’s examine the nature of creativity and what we mean by creativity. It seems we all think we know what the word means on the surface, but I’d like to go a bit deeper and explore in practical terms how we can be more creative.

To be creative, as with Dimash, we must go outside the box, paint-by-numbers approach, or, as the last definition states: “to transcend.” But what does that mean and how do we do it?

Ask yourself how you feel when creating something new? Is it exhilarated, free, forward-looking, fulfilled, artistic? What else?

I think most of us would agree that we are never more fully human than while we’re giving expression to something inside wishing to be acknowledged, manifested and loved. It’s empowering to bring a part of ourselves into outward existence. This is why the creative are often among those most alive, happy and imaginative.    

Van Gogh, cleverly stated: I dream my painting, I paint my dream.

For him, it all started with the dream. Or we might say, an imaginative vision… or perhaps even an epiphany. It’s whatever is seen in the mind’s eyes that we wish to manifest.

Unfortunately, few seemed to appreciate Van Gogh's creations, and so he became tormented and suicidal. When culture rejected his brilliant creations, he felt they rejected the essence of his being. By expressing the brilliance, he offered the world his genius. Unfortunately, it remained unappreciated while he was alive. What could be sadder?

Fortunately, Dimash can not only glory in his creations but be inspired by hundreds of millions throughout the world who love and adore him and his talent and creativity.

As for us; where do we start? Often it’s not clear what our creations might look like before they are completed, like entering a portal that has begun to open without knowing what to expect on the other side. That’s why we give form to whatever wishes to come into existence so that we might know it. And in admiring what we have created, we, in a sense, love and admire ourselves.

Once we proceed through the portal there could be any number of ups and downs, detours, refinements or even complete changes of course. What’s important is that we continue to wherever this light of inspiration leads us, or we’ll never know what we could have brought into existence as co-creators with the divine Source.

My experiences in writing Elysium’s Passage novel series has taught me how inspiration often comes only after we begin. That’s what creates. Inspiration occurs in the process of creation, not before and not after. Had I not begun to journal random thoughts, the story would never have emerged, and I would never have been able to enter into this alternate universe that still fascinates me.

The other point I would make is that once creativity gets traction, it doesn’t want to stop. What we put out there, we receive in more inspiration that we might continue with more and more; never-ending creations. It keeps creating more of its own good vibe that sustains us to perfect our work, as we create evermore.

When do you think Dimash is going to quit? I suspect never, not even when he breathes his last breath on this earthly plane of existence. Heaven will never be the same.  

But he had to start somewhere. Likewise, before we can begin to create effectively, we need to find a happy place for our soul to create. Dimash was blessed to have a happy and supportive home to begin his stellar singing career when he was just five. My point is, that once we put our troubles aside, the creative process is able to do the rest. Once we begin with an attitude of gratitude and appreciation, we will have a foundation to build upon.

That’s because creation is an expression of love. That’s what I see in Dimash and in his ‘dear’ fans. When you think about it, we are conceived and created as expressions of love. So, whatever you envision in your mind’s imagination, and believe in, you can create it as a manifestation of love; be it a garden, a business, a poem, a song, a cake, an equation, or a book.

If you have the inspiration, your creation will unfold in your mind as it aligns with your mind’s frequency to materialize in whatever form you wish to mould. Some call this the Law of Attraction.

We are never more fully human than when we create since we’re all co-creators, created in the image of the Creator. And so, it’s in our essence-nature… what it means to be gods. The more we create, the more we bring heaven down to earth. As the English poet William Blake once wrote in a poem: Eternity is in love with the creations of time.

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Dimash's Good Vibes


February 14, 2021



I decided to post an article on a novel psychological technique developed by Dr Veron Woolf called Holodynamics that I consider a fun and effective means of dealing with the negative energy. We all have a way of accumulating within cells, causing us to feel less happy and emotionally stable than we wish. However, it goes far beyond feelings, to the core of our physical health.

This video supplies an excellent overview of what Holodynamics is all about. 



Of course, there are several approaches and techniques to non-medical, natural healing, such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Transcendental Meditation, etc. Yet I found the Holodynamics approach to have long-lasting merits that I’ve often benefited from after several years of practice.

I first came across Holodynamics when a friend mentioned that a weekend seminar in Holodynamics was being offered Dr Woolf in Calgary (where I live) in a few weeks. Up until then, I never heard of this. The enrolled were required to read a couple of books and a manual written on the subject.

What resulted from that weekend was several participants who, with me, decided to form a Holodynamic group whereby we would, as advised, 'track' each other regularly in practising the technique to learn how to help ourselves and others.

'Tracking' is relatively easy, but the science behind it is profound and requires some study to grasp. At the end of this article, I have included the step by step tracking process to print copies of to practise with someone if you wish to try it.

What's fun about it is that you use your imagination, or your imagination uses you, to graphically identify images that represent problems and solutions in your life.


 Summary of Holodynamic Theory

Holodynamics may be described as a psycho-therapeutic approach that can often achieve mental and emotional healing, and in many cases, physical healing too! The word means the "whole dynamic" based on the particle/wave dynamics discovered in quantum physics over the last 100 years.

The founder of the Holodynamics, Dr Vernon Woolf, considers it a psychological application of quantum physics in as much as it explores the subatomic world whereby a new order of reality emerges that's not subject to the Newtonian laws of material physics which is why the results can be so astonishing and immediate.

The old orthodox approaches of psychiatry and psychology may at times prove ineffective because they are too flat, allopathic and chemical) to accommodate an inwardly spiritual approach to emotional healing.

The Holodynamics operates through addressing a subtle level of consciousness that can bypass normal mental resistances. In fact, the founder, Dr Vernon Woolf, has had significant success in working with mental patients in a state hospital in Utah; helping in the rehabilitation of many recidivist prisoners; decreasing drug abuse among youth in various communities; had overwhelming success in the USSR and was even inducted into the Russian Academy of Sciences and made a permanent member in the mid-1980s; successfully defused tension among certain terrorist groups in the Middle East, etc. (The list goes on and on).

The healing technique is to 'track' the negative holodynes that have become sub-atomically registered in our cellular microtubules. We may identify these as debilitating 'thought forms' or beliefs which manifest mentally and physically as habits and addictions. These holodynes might have been acquired through any number of influences such as family, peer groups, culture, or from conscious or unconscious beliefs about ourselves or any belief that leads to distress and dysfunctional behaviour. Through the tracking process, these negative (downdraft) holodynes become replaced with positive (updraft) holodynes which are the vibratory frequencies in a holograph, which we have recently understood as the matrix for all of reality.

In changing the vibratory frequencies through these exercises of visualization to something more positive, one may become liberated from the power of the negative holodynes. Provided there is the will and persistence to potentialize the positive holodyne by following through with this visualization process; the higher frequencies will restructure and solidify the cellular microtubules with improved patterns, thereby reprogramming us with new cellular responses.

In sum, Holodynamics as an applied discipline facilitates the interfacing of the material-physical and super-spatial spiritual dimensions of reality, because both are holistically acknowledged, allowing for healing to come forward from a higher plane of vibratory existence.



There is no one way to practice tracking since it’s not fixed. However, the tracking questions below are necessary and effective procedures to follow. There is no reason you can’t modify some of these questions if it proves more helpful.

Begin with a trusted friend who will ask the tracking questions. Before beginning, relax and identify what is bothering you, be it short term, long term or maybe a lifetime issue such as resentment or trauma. If we are honest, we all have them, and perhaps even related clusters of downdraft holodynes (problems/pains/issues) we've never resolved or been able to resolve. Often that’s because we've swept them under the rug, pretending they don’t exist. Still, they persist, surfacing in ways we don’t recognize.

After answering these questions, be it ten minutes or an hour, you can then reverse roles to track your tracker with their concerns.

After a few sessions, you might find tracking becoming easier as you learn to relax and TRUST that your divine mind/presence will show you whats to be visualized. I have received a wide variety of images from clowns to trains. It can be anything, moving or stationary. The downdraft holodynes generally are not pleasant beings or objects but serve a purpose in identifying your issues so they may be transmuted, assimilated and synthesized into a final updraft vibratory energy.

After this is all done, it is a good idea to ‘potentialize’ the image, so that it’s energetic field will stay with you. To do this, I recommend you record your experiences and holodyne images in a Holographic journal. These images may be drawn or downloaded from pictures in your computer, or magazines, and pasted into your (cyber or physical) journal.

This technique empowers us to employ our inner wisdom to give us the answers we seek to liberate us from emotional, mental, and even physical pain. We are capable of healing ourselves by using the higher, transcendent presence we all have within us as spiritual beings.

Woolf chooses to call this spiritual presence our ‘Full Potential Self, but you may refer to this transcendent quality anything you wish, such as Self, Higher Self, Spirit, or if you are religious; Holy Spirit, Christ, or Atman.   



Prepare for Tracking

Go to your place of peace and call upon your Full Potential Self to assist you
Ask what is or are the issues
Ask to identify any blocks you may have

Identify the Downdraft Holodyne

What do you feel?
Where do you sense it in your body?
What does it feel like?
Does it have a colour; a shape?
What sounds come from it?
Is there anything else you sense about it?
If this holodyne was a being what kind of being would it be (if any)?
Step away from yourself and take a look at it. What else can you sense?

Ask your Full Potential Self
When did it first come into your life?
What was happening then?
Surround it with love and appreciation

Ask this Downdraft Holodyne

          What are you doing?
          When you do that, what do you get?
          What do you want?
          If you had that, then how would you feel?
          Keep investigating until you find out its positive intent.

          Can you then thank your downdraft holodyne for doing its job well?
          Can you extend your love to it so it will unfold its deepest intentions to you?

          Ask you Full Potential Self

          To note what the holodyne wants
          To locate or create an updraft, mature holodyne that represents what this downdraft wants   
          What does it look like? Describe it.


          Bring the two holodyns together and ask the downdraft holodyne if it will accept the help of              the updraft holodyne to help it achieve want it really wants by merging
          Allow them to merge
          What is happening?
          What is the result?
          Is the downdraft now absorbed into the new synthesis?
          If not, ask what else the downdraft wants and add it to the merger
          Allow the updraft to replace the old feeling in the body, absorbing all the old energy.
          Is it finished yet?

          Ask your New Updraft Holodyne

          Ask the updraft holodyne if it will unfold its full potential to you
          Ask what messages does it have for you at this time?
          Anything else?         
          Ask if there is something it would like you to do to ground this new information in your daily life

          Do you choose to live in this new updraft state?
          Will the new holodyne be there for you and help you to so live?
          Do you commit to this new relationship?
          Will you meet regularly at a roundtable with this new holodyn to potentialize it?

          Will you incorporate this new fully potentialized holodyne throughout your entire being –                your body – every cell – your energy – your consciousness - every aspect of your life:                    people, places, things, concepts, ideas, actions from it's beginning and through all dimensions.


For further reading on this subject, I recommend, Holodynamics and/or The Dance of Life, both by Veron Woolf.

A list of this books may be found on this Amazon page


Access the Holographic website for video, book purchases, etc. http://www.holodynamics.com/ 

Although not great in sound quality, the following interviews of Dr Woolf provide an excellent orientation to Holographics.

Introductory Video https://youtu.be/CPycF7mb0tc (see above)

Interview 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zII_322ue0c  

Interview 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m74qnf8QyiY  

Interview 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnCxf2kKNnw  

Interview 4 https://youtu.be/Yzg3OfznJgw  


For all other posts on the Elysium's Passage blog site go to




February 8, 2021



Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.
Gospel of Matthew 7:7

As mentioned in the previous article on manifestation, we manifest our perceived reality by our vibrational resonance. Manifesting Abundance https://digitalbloggers.com/finance/manifesting-abundance 

We perceived our reality by default, whether we are conscious or unconscious of the process. In this universe, like continually attracts like without fail. Frequencies that resonate at the same level are attracted to each other.

As whacky as it might sound, this is a basic tenant of quantum physics. To simply observe a thing causes it to exist as perceived material reality. Just the way the universe works… and is the premise for all manifest reality.

Ask yourself what you see every day in your world. Now ask if you only saw beauty and wonderful things. Since everything in the universe is already created and already exists in the quantum field of all that is as the waveform of all possibilities, we are simply choosing things from this unlimited universal field of existence and bringing it into the physical realm.

It sounds like magic to simply look at any specific quantum waveform, and say it's the materialization of what results from a wavefunction collapse. But is this how a master materialize food for 5,000 in a desert?

But what we have discovered over the last 100 year of experiments, anything that induces decoherence by coupling macroscopic quantum states to different states of the macroscopic system, causes the wavefunction to collapse into matter. However, there is only one universal process of observance and wave collapse behind all physical materializations. To read more what the most eminent of physicists have said about this, go to Physicist's Quotes at https://digitalbloggers.com/arts-and-entertainment/quotes 

Though observing can mean looking, seeing, or detecting a thing, it also means focusing, feeling, or applying energy towards what is being observed. When we apply strong emotion to anything, we give it incredible power to exist in the material world. Emotion is the jet fuel of creation. In esoteric terms, observing or seeing means to energetically align and become entangled with the object of what we sense.

Some mystics say that the universe is doing its part by sending powerful high vibrational energy to us to raise our vibration and boost our manifestation abilities. I don't know, but more importantly, what is the conscious manifestation work we can do to manifest our desires with greater power and speed?

The following is a list of protocols that might help in manifesting what we most desire.

1.  Know Thyself

Or as it says in Hamlet. To Thine own Self be True.[1] First ask, what is it that you truly want? Many do not know what they truly want, but since we all manifest by default, whether conscious or unconscious, when we don't know what we want, we will manifest a lot of I don't know what I want.

Those asleep go through an entire lifetime of this unconscious manifesting process, wreaking havoc in their lives and all those around them. It is imperative first to know what we want and desire. Since there are infinite quantum possible versions of what we desire, we have to be very clear and detailed about this. 

Sit alone in a peaceful space with a blank sheet of paper and write at the top. 'What do I really want?' Be honest with yourself and do not write to please others; only write what you desire. The simple process of writing and transferring your dreams from inside of you onto paper begins a very real materialization process that flows from spiritual realms into the physical realm.

When we write our list of dreams and desires, know we are doing a sacred ritual that begins with the highest level of healthy self-love. In one sense, we are praying, just as we are encouraged 'to pray without ceasing.'  We do not have to beseech the universe/God, beg, or ask for anything since this is not how things work. Jesus stated in Matthew 21:22: And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

Rather, we are telling our Source what we are asking for by our vibrations more than just by words. The universe hears and answers our vibrational prayers by always giving us exactly what we ask for one hundred per cent of the time.

God never says no to any of our vibrational requests. Our vibration is sacred and holy as a spiritual offering. So, let's make it a beautiful vibration and the infinitely abundant and loving universe will shower us with blessings. Since like attracts like in this universe, we always attract what we are so we need to take an honest personal inventory of all our character traits.

Just like behaviour, character events or resonance tracks back to itself similar energies. For example, if we are impatient, the universe will send us lots of long lines and waiting. If we are stingy with things, the universe will mirror back to us what we are. If we are angry, the universe can only place angry people around us each day. Not a pleasant thought!

First, we need to make an honest evaluation of how we live in all areas of life. To know this is to increase our conscious awareness. Have we ever had what we truly desired? Have we ever done what makes us truly happy? If not, can we give ourselves an honest answer as to why not? Think about these questions, but even more so, think about the answers.

Since the universe is a giant reflective mirror that our vibrations bounce off, we are given exact matches. Who, then are we to blame when something not so nice manifests? Blame does not give us the power, so it's time we to take back our power, and become completely sovereign and responsible as we move on up higher.

After settling on what is desired, write down and describe each in great detail. This shall be a decree to the universe/God that always gives us exactly what we asked for vibrationally. We can write more than one thing, so make a list covering the different areas of your life.

2.  Alignment

Alignment is to become one with the thing we desire. It is the fastest way to manifest. One of the best ways to achieve this is by deep meditation and focus. Intense focus is another form of quantum observing with the mind's eye; what is meant by visualization.

When done in deep meditative focus, it takes on much greater power in bringing forth the manifestation. The mind's eye collapses the wavefunction of quantum possibility in the same way that physical seeing does. Align energy to the exact version of having and enjoying the thing desired.  

3.  Indulge the inner senses

When working to bring a manifestation into the physical world, we must align with the desire and saturate our being with it. This means immersing our senses with our desire in vivid detail, including inward seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, and even tasting. Since alignment is the key factor for manifestation, physically sense things in a positive way.

4.  Passionate energy

Interject powerful positive and passionate emotions and blend these with the inward senses. To sense emotion becomes energy in motion. A thing will only manifest when enough emotional power is added into the manifestation process. The whole purpose of life is to feel good. Make feeling good in everything we do, and in this feeling comes the highest of internal vibrations.

When we are happy, positive, and loving, we automatically attract many more good things into our life because we are in alignment. It is a determined choice, and so it just takes a bit of practice until it becomes who you are.

Love is the highest vibration in the universe, so it is imperative that we feel and practice unconditional love for all beings. We must inject understanding and compassion for all by practising vast forgiveness and letting things go. We must bless others and not curse them.

Do something good each day for others, even if it's just for a few minutes. The tenant for manifestation is like attracts like; we can only get what we give, so give something loving and good.

In accordance with the laws of the universe, the only way to manifest deep love is first to give ourselves the highest level of self-love and healthy self-respect. We cannot get something we haven't first given to ourself. If we do this, amazing and beautiful love will come out of nowhere and show up in our world. Not only will a deep and special love come, but the entire world will come out just to show us an incredible level of love and respect

5.  Time and Space

Time and space are now and here, so things can only manifest in the only time that exists in the now moment, and in the only place that exists here. When observing the manifestation, do not see it as coming soon, or next week or in another place. It cannot come this way. Ever. We must make sure the time we are experiencing it inside is now, and the space we experience it is here. Any other time-space procedure is an unreality that will not collapse the wave function.

6.  Dimensional vectors.

What dimension we are in manifests our perceived reality regardless of what dimensional resonance or state of being we're in. If we primarily resonate at the third-dimension level, then good luck because low vibes cause repulsion and opposite energy manifestation. The wavefunction is collapsed the same way, but for the exact opposite quantum possibility of what we were desiring.

The simple point here is we cannot manifest positive things in a lower dimension. A dimension is not a place, but a resonate state of being. We cannot manifest our desires if our vibes are low.

Emotions are the strongest form of vibration, so we must be feeling loving, happy, passionate, positive vibes for this natural process to work. As stated above, strong emotions are the energetic fuel of manifestation. Strong negative emotions will cause things to manifest just as quickly; however, the manifested result will be opposed to what you truly desire.

Pushing and fighting against or drawing attention to something we don't want makes things worse. And so it is critical we tune out all lower vibrations for the sake of manifesting wonderful things into our world.

Since two different vibrations cannot occupy the same space-time, we must focus on a low vibe by switching our focus to the higher vibration. The vibration we observe in any space-time is dominant, causing the opposite vibration to cease existing in that particular time-space.

Also, we can only observe one frequency in any one unit of space-time. We can only experience one vibration, either a high vibe, or a low vibe at any one moment, but not both.

When we focus on the high vibe, the low vibe instantly disappears from perception and vice versa. Space and time work the same way. If we focus here in the room, where is across town? If we focus on right now, where are the past and the future? To focus on different resonant energy is to move dimensionally.

The bottom line to make your dreams and desire one hundred per cent of the time is always to vibrate high. High vibes are required for our dreams to come true because high vibrational energy causes quantum wave functions to collapse, which equals manifestation.

A caveat about dimensional resonance is this: the higher the vibration state of being we are in, the faster we manifest and with much more power. We must be fully aware and mindful of this because things start to happen as we go up, so things become quite powerful. The higher the dimension, the less energy and observing are required to collapse the quantum wave function.

It takes much energy and hard work to manifest the simplest things in the third dimension, including the energy required to observe anything. This exerted energy is not required in the fifth-dimensional field. If we attempted to apply this unnecessary energy at the body level, it would have the opposite effect where the laws of metaphysics are changed.  Observing a thing in this way would cause it to return to a waveform and disappear from perceived reality.

7.  Speaking into Being

Speaking powerful positive affirmations boldly about our desired manifestation is our way to bring it into existence. Decree a thing, and it shall be so. We must passionately speak our affirmations as if we mean them.

8.  Believe

Faith is a key tenant of manifestations because what we believe is what we believe to be your perceived reality. If we don't believe in something, it won't have a vital reality for us. Believing literally causes things to exist for the believer, so have a little faith. If we are doing something but don't really believe in, it does not have the energy required to form into perceived reality.

9.  Raise Vibrational Levels

The following will help boost your ability to naturally manifest: Nature, meditation, art, music, ingesting energy foods, sacred knowledge and whatever else that makes you feel grounded.

10.  Follow the Signs

There is a built-in system to let us know how we are doing in our manifestation processes. It uses our emotions to show us where we are. It's simple to read the system. Just ask how we're are feeling about the manifestation. If we feel bad, which includes doubt, fear, worry, etc. we are out of alignment with what we desire. If we feel good, then we are on track, and our manifestation is about to be born into the world.

We can count on this system every time we a little instant messaging system to show us how we are doing in manifesting our dreams. We call these messages synchronicities.

As we become more and more aligned with our dreams and desires, these messages will show up all around us and only have meaning for us, but always compelling and profound meaning. It is amazing how all of this works and the more understanding and conscious awareness we inject into whatever we manifest the more amazing life will become.

If we truly desire to manifest something into our physical world, it will not only show up in our world, it will be exactly what we described. Sometimes we forget how much power and magic we have inside of us. We are all created with magnificent abilities that are mind-boggling if we but open up to them.

We will see the rest of the world making these same changes when we change our personal world and being. This is the way it works. It matters not what everyone else is doing or what is going on around us, and in time we will see direct evidence that our manifestations are also affecting others in a positive way.

If we put enough energy and passion into our manifestations, it can even change the entire world. You can have, do, or be anything right now, right here. Let us all now manifest a beautiful new world where all beings are abundant forevermore.

[1] William Shakespeare. Act 1, Scene III of Hamlet

The article above was inspired in part by an oral presentation by Michael love called Protocols of Manifestation

For another post on manifesting, go to Manifesting Abundance

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February 2, 2021



By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.




Declarations by health officials and vaccine makers that deaths and injuries following COVID vaccinations are unrelated coincidences are becoming a pattern. They’re also depriving people of the information they need to make informed decisions.

The official handling last week of the deaths of two Danes and a Miami doctor following their COVID jabs highlights the gaping holes in the government’s surveillance system for detecting post-marketing vaccine reactions.

These incidents suggest that health officials will be unlikely to give the public authentic risk profiles for the emergency use COVID vaccines.

Accurate risk profiles allow regulators to determine if medical intervention is causing more harm than good and consumers to make rational choices about their own use of a product.

Regulators usually develop risk assessments during preclinical trials by comparing health outcomes in individuals receiving the intervention against a placebo group. Such studies must be large enough to detect rare injuries and of sufficient duration to reveal ailments with long diagnosis horizons.

The existence of the placebo group makes it difficult to conceal or misattribute injuries. Conversely, the absence of a placebo group in post-vaccination surveillance systems makes it easy for self-interested pharmaceutical and regulatory officials to undercount injuries by attributing them to coincidence.

Coincidence is turning out to be quite lethal to COVID vaccine recipients. Death by coincidence

Shortly after reporting the Danish deaths and prior to any autopsies, Tanja Eriksen, acting head of Denmark’s Pharmacovigilance Unit, told the Danish newspaper, EkstaBladet, that the Danish Medicines Agency had determined that coincidence probably killed the two Danish citizens whose deaths followed their vaccinations.

One of the deaths was a citizen who had “severe lung disease.” The existence of the comorbidity suggested that the death was therefore coincidental. The second citizen received the vaccine at a “very old age,” and therefore also expired from coincidence.

“When vaccinated in fragile groups, one would expect there to be deaths,” explained Eriksen, using logic seldom applied by health officials to deaths from the COVID-19 virus. “This will happen regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not.”

These simple declarations - that deaths and injuries following vaccination are unrelated coincidences - are becoming a pattern.

On Dec. 20, 2020, World Today News reported the death of an 85-year-old man in Kalmar, Sweden, one day after he received the vaccine. Dr Mattias Alvunger of the Kalmar Hospital dismissed concerns about the death being related to the vaccine, calling the fact that it was reported to the Swedish Medical Products Agency as “routine.”

On January 1, Sonia Acevedo, a 41-year-old Portuguese nurse and mother of two, died two days after receiving the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine. Her father told the Daily Mail that she never drank alcohol and was in perfect health. Nevertheless, Portugal’s Health Authority dismissed her death as a sad coincidence.

Israel also reported two deaths from the coincidence pandemic: one in a 75-year-old man in Beit She’an, and the other an 88-year-old man. Both died two hours after vaccination. Israeli health officials warned the public not to attribute the deaths to the vaccine.

In Lucerne, Switzerland, a 91-year-old man died five days after getting Pfizer/BioNtech’s vaccine. Swiss authorities called any connection “highly unlikely.”

On January 3, Dr Gregory Michael, a beloved Miami obstetrician and enthusiastic COVID-19 vaccine booster, died of a hemorrhagic stroke after receiving Pfizer/BioNtech’s vaccine. Dr Michael developed acute idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP) - a known vaccine side effect - immediately after receiving the jab. His platelet count dropped from 150,000 to zero and never rebounded.

An army of experts from around the world, involved in the vaccine program, consulted in doomed efforts to restore Dr. Michael’s platelet count. The inevitable brain haemorrhage killed him two weeks later. Michael’s wife said that her husband’s death was “100% linked to the vaccine. She added that he was physically healthy, exercised often, rarely drank alcohol, never smoked cigarettes and had no known comorbidities.

Nevertheless, Pfizer dismissed Michael’s injuries as another sad coincidence: “We do not believe at this time that there is any direct connection to the vaccine.” Pfizer pointed out that ITP is also caused by excess drinking and reasoned that “there have been no recorded safety signals identified in trials from vaccinations so far.”

On Tuesday, the New York Times quoted Dr Jerry Spivak, a blood disorder expert at Johns Hopkins University, saying “I think it’s a medical certainty that the vaccine was related.”

But Pfizer/BioNtech would not have been likely to see the thrombocytopenia signals in its brief, under-enrolled clinical trials. Thrombocytopenia occurs in 1 in approximately every 25,000-40,000 doses of the MMR vaccine. It is also a similarly rare, but persistently reported side effect of hepatitis A, TB, HPV, chickenpox, DTaP, polio and HiB vaccines.

An injury that occurs at that frequency would not likely be seen in Pfizer/BioNtech’s Phase II clinical trial because only 22,000 people received the vaccine. However, an injury of this severity occurring once in every 25,000 shots could debilitate or kill 12,000 of the 300 million Americans to whom the company hopes to give the jab.

The public can expect to see more of this strategic chicanery: When a healthy 32-year-old Mexican doctor was hospitalized with encephalitis - inflammation of his brain and spinal cord -  after receiving the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine, Mexican doctors dismissed the injury as unrelated to the vaccination, reasoning that the condition had not been detected in Pfizer/ BioNtech’s clinical trials.

This week an Auburn, New York nursing home reported, without any apparent irony, that 32 of 193 residents have died since the facility began administering the Pfizer vaccine on Dec. 21. The company claims that its clients are dying of COVID-19 infections, not the vaccine.

Equally disturbing, additional deaths may have gone altogether unreported.

Among Dr Michael’s many grateful patients was Tessa Levy, who had a scheduled appointment with him for the Tuesday after his death on Jan. 3. Michaels delivered all four of Tessa’s children, saving one of them with an ingenious split-second diagnosis of a rare heart condition that would have otherwise killed the boy.

Tessa is the daughter of my close friend, the famous Beverly Hills surgeon, Dr George Boris. “He was a healthy, strong, vigorous guy,” Tessa told me about Michaels. “He never showed any health problems.”

On New Year’s Eve, Dr Boris’s brother-in-law, Murray Brazner, also died suddenly, one week after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. Neither the vaccine company nor any health agency took notice of his sudden unexpected death. “No autopsy was performed, and his death isn’t recorded as a vaccine injury. It makes you wonder,” Dr. Boris told me.

Mr. Brazner’s death illustrates an even graver problem: Many injuries may be escaping notice by the surveillance system and the media. Unreported stories similar to Dr. Brazner’s tragedy are already common complaints on social media.

On Jan. 2, Janice Hisle lamented on Facebook that her friend’s mom, an Ohio woman, died after receiving the vaccine. According to Hisle, the woman developed a high fever hours after the jab and died a “couple days” later. “I am so angry for my friend,” she commented, “who is crying because relatives were not allowed to see her before she was vaccinated. They thought the vaccine would ‘open the door.’”

We could find no mention of the Ohio woman’s death in media records or official COVID-vaccine death tallies.

One might assume that if deaths following COVID-19 vaccine can be so easily dismissed or ignored, lesser injuries will also escape notice.

The all-too-familiar vaccine propaganda playbook

The routine of reflexively dismissing suspicious deaths and injuries as unrelated to vaccination not only calls into doubt the official data tallies on vaccine injuries, it also contrasts markedly with the habit among public health officials of authoritatively attributing every death to COVID-19 so long as the deceased tested positive for COVID within 60 days of death using a PCR test notorious for producing false positives.

In fact, the $48 billion COVID vaccine enterprise shares three defining features with every new vaccine introduced since 1986:

1. Systematic exaggeration of risk from the target disease. (Pharma calls this project “Disease Branding.”)

2. Systematic exaggeration of vaccine efficacy.

3. Systematically downplaying vaccine risks.


1. Exaggerating disease risk:

Regulatory agencies count every death as a COVID death, so long as the deceased tested positive for COVID within 60 days of death - no matter that he may have died in a motorcycle crash.

In September, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) admitted that 94% of individuals whose deaths the CDC officially attributed to COVID had other illnesses that may have actually killed them. The average deceased had 2.8 comorbidities. Yet in CDC’s official tabulations, CDC always presumes that COVID-19 did the killing.

But as we see from the examples above, when it comes to COVID vaccine injuries, the opposite presumption governs: the comorbidity is always the cause of death - even when, as with Dr. Michaels, there are no known comorbidities.

2. Systematic exaggeration of vaccine efficacy:

Pfizer touts a 95% efficacy rate in its clinical trials, but this is a meaningless measure of “relative efficacy” based on a tiny cohort of 94 people in the placebo group who got mild cases of COVID during the clinical trials.

The “absolute,” or “actual,” efficacy of the vaccine during clinical trials was 0.88%. According to the British Medical Journal, this means that health authorities must administer 155 vaccines to avert a single case of mild COVID.

3. Downplaying vaccine risks:

The true risk of vaccine injury will continue to be obscured by the habit among public health officials of routinely dismissing reported injuries as unrelated to vaccination.

The practices of systematically overestimating vaccine safety,
- underestimating vaccine deaths,
- and exaggerating risks of COVID-19 effectively deprive the public of their right to informed consent.

And so what do we really know about the true risk of COVID-19 vaccines?

Public health officials and industry spokespeople like to say that the risks of serious injury from vaccination are “one in one million.. However, in the first week of distribution, Americans took 200,000COVID vaccines and reported 5,000 “serious” (meaning missed workdays or medical intervention required) injuries.

This is an injury rate of 1 in every 40 jabs. This means that the 150 shots necessary to avert one mild case of COVID will cause serious injury to at least three people.

If the clinical trials are good predictors, that rate is likely to increase dramatically after the second shot (the clinical trials suggested that almost all the benefits of COVID vaccination and vast majority of injuries were associated with the second dose).

We don’t know the true risk of death from the vaccine since regulators have rendered virtually every death invisible by attributing them all to coincidence.

The 1-in-40 risk of “serious injury” from Pfizer’s COVID vaccine is consistent with what we know about other vaccines.

For many years, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has maintained a post-licensing surveillance system known as the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Even government insiders like Surgeon General Dr. David Kessler acknowledged that VAERS is an abysmal failure.

Nevertheless, it is only by clinging to this “designed to fail” system that regulators and industry have maintained their pretense that current vaccine risk profiles are acceptable.

A 2010 study funded by HHS concluded that VAERS captured “fewer than 1% of injuries.” In other words, the actual injury rates from mandated vaccines are more than 100x what HHS has been telling the public!

The 2010 HHS study found that the true risk for serious adverse events was 26/1,000, or one in 37.

Similarly, Merck’s clinical trials for Gardasil found that an astonishing half of all vaccine recipients suffered from adverse events, which Merck euphemistically called “new medical conditions,” and that 2.3% of vaccine recipients (1 in 43) suffered from autoimmune disease within six months of vaccination.

Similarly, a recent Italian study found that 41% of vaccine recipients (412 adverse events per 1,000 doses) suffered adverse events, with 11% of these rated “serious,” meaning 38 serious adverse events per 1,000 vaccinated individuals. These include grave gastrointestinal and “serious neurological disorders.” This amounts to a “serious” injury rate of 1/26.

Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav of the Alliance for Human Research Protection has observed that, “Everyone who gets any of these vaccines is participating in a vast medical experiment.”

Health officials generally concur that the granting of “emergency use authorization” to the rollout of experimental vaccine technologies with only a few weeks of safety testing, two years before the scheduled completion of Phase 2 testing, is a great human experiment, involving millions of subjects.

But researchers are unlikely to see all of the safety signals if a badly designed surveillance system allows local health officials and company employees the discretion to dismiss any serious injury as unrelated.



Please make sure that you read this whole article by Kennedy before you consider subjecting your body to any mRNA vaccine.   - - which are NOT VACCINES at all, even though they are being "hid" under that label.  
Please pass this article on - to prevent more people's lives being injured.  (remove forwarding names and email addresses)

An avalanche of deaths and serious injury reports are flooding in from people who have been subjected to "the jab".
These are all being dismissed as "unrelated" and "coincidence".   
(How to lie and be believed is becoming a professional art)

The doubly profound absurdity is that both Pfizer and Moderna have openly admitted that the “mRNA Vaccines” do not prevent transmission;   do not prevent infection;    that trial time did not permit for safety studies  – whereupon “safety” was “assumed” -   that their trials were never designed to test for these factors - only that they were focused on some reduction in the severity of some symptom

We must demand an immediate HALT to any more mRNA vaccinations - until thorough research on safety and effectiveness has been conducted, with independent surveillance and transparency. 
Contact your MP and MLA, and public health officials.

Josef Tyls M.Sc. Ph.D. Ind. Eng.


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