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November 24, 2019



Tolstoy and Einstein are among the most enduring voices in history that still reach out to us to share their deep wisdom. In this case, they both seem to be saying the same thing, only in their own way. 

Another way of stating this same idea of how to make the world a better place is, "be the change you want to see in the world." This is often attributed to Gandhi, but likely it came from someone after him, though we're not exactly sure who.

In any case, it’s good for to be reminded that things don't change for the better unless we, as humans, are prepared to change how we think about things. Some might consider this change a call to commit ourselves to greater stewardship towards our planet. This, of course, means acting more responsible by taking on more obligations. 

I'm not sure, however, this world is prepared to take on more responsibilities, especially if it's tinged with someone's 'do gooder' guilt. Perhaps a better approach for positive change is to employ the root word 'response,' rather than 'responsiblity.' The idea of 'response' is more appealing than responsibility, because it suggests what happens outwardly, in this case, changing the world, is a result of the affections within. When we respond to something, generally it comes from the emotive centre of the heart, rather than what our thinking mind keeps harping on us as about our responsibilities, obligations and duties.

I have paraphrased some statements below on the difference of responsibility and response from A Course of Love by Mari Perron. (Page 214)

"Responsibility implies guardianship regarding nundefinedeeds that would not have been met without you. Response, however, is given as a natural act of giving and receiving as one. Responsibility is a demanded response, a necessary response… an obligation. Responsibility is all about dealing with an outside world. Response happens from within. Charity is a responsibility, but love is a response. It is the idea of responsibility that leads to oppression. Your call is to respond rather than to be responsible. But how can you be free to respond when you're thinking remains tied to responsibility?"

For most of humanity, the dictates of the cold rational 'thinking' mind seem to have little appeal, and so it doesn't bring the kind of change that response brings when engaged from the affections of the heart. If there is a desire, it comes from the heart, not the mind. And so, it seems to me, just thinking is not adequate to effect change, it must first come from the response of the heart.

I'm confident that both Einstein and Tolstoy would agree with this assessment, including what French scientist and philosopher Pascal once said; The heart has its reasons, which reason knows not.

Thinking is necessary for change, but, on its own, it's not sufficient. Rather, lasting change requires the union of the heart and the mind. This was the topic of a previous post, Union of Heart and Mind. If you wish to read the post, the link is: https://digitalbloggers.com/arts-and-entertainment/union-of-heart-and-mind  



November 18, 2019



Who is this man Kanye West?

... a renegade hip hop rapper, who has declared himself a candidate for the 2024 US presidential election, and now a gospel rapper and evangelist. See the following You Tube video last night (November 17) where he, his ‘choir,’ complete with brass and percussion performed in front of over 17,000 at Lakewood Church in Houston. 

It should also be mentioned he has become an activist for black prisoner reform. He also is about the establish an ecologically sensitive factory for his shoe and clothing industries (now valued in the billions) to be located on a 5,000 acre ranch he just bought in Wyoming.   

I’m not a big hip hop music fan and so haven’t paid much attention to him, his antics or even his wife Kim Kardashian. But after hearing selected numbers from his new album that has just topped the charts at #1, I'm impressed. I think he might make a very fine Republican candidate someday… provided he can find the time for such a diversion.  

If you wish to watch his hip hop gospel concert, it like like none other -- ever. Go into the video about 1:37 minutes for the beginning of the concert. The energy is amazing.

Go to this link.


November 10, 2019



t has been said, “the eyes are the windows of the soul.” Actually, this phrase is derived from the French phrase, 'Les yeux sont le miroir de l'dme,’’ meaning, “the eyes are the mirror of the soul”.

If this is true, Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren may be correct in saying that the beauty of a woman, be she a model or old woman like Mother Teresa (as pictured above), resides within and is reflected outwardly through her eyes.

This would be consistent with the scripture that says: The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness! Matthew 6:22,23 (KJV).


Obviously, this principle would also apply to men, whereby the eyes refect the character of man's inward soul.

Perhaps we all should take a look at our eyes in the mirror to see what they mirror back to us. Do we see our soul reflected in our eyes, and if so, how does that look?

This is what James, the protagonist in Elysium's Passage has to ask himself and why he has such problems in sustaining loving relationships with women in his life. Then he meets a woman whose eyes changes everything for him:

The clock on the wall said 03:00. Likely things would remain quiet on the ward now that she had completed her scheduled rounds. With most of the patients asleep, I hoped she would remain by the bedside for as long as possible.

Gone was the detached efficacy, now noticeably transformed into tender concern as she continued to stand motionless by the fall guy, gazing silently into his face. What was she thinking? Perhaps she was hoping to find some hint or trace of conscious resuscitation. I could tell by her intent expression there must be some concern, possibly wondering if the fall guy would ever recover.

Though she didn`t speak, her crystal blue eyes said it all. I could see the windows to her soul moistened, and her face betrayed a curious mix of hope and sadness. Finally, she reached for the fall guy’s right hand and tenderly clasped it into hers while whispering a few imploring words, wishing he would hear her. And he did, but not as she might have expected. I could feel the loving connection with her soul as I momentarily became the fall guy again since it really was my heart she touched. I could feel the affection she directed towards my comatose body. Without her knowing it, it was to me she spoke; not the body on the bed.

Be sure to read what happens next in the forthcoming book in the series: Elysium's Passage: Quantum Leaps.

Meanwhile, may access the Amazon page for the first novel of the series, ELYSIUM'S PASSAGE: THE SUMMIT by going to www.elysiumspassage.com



November 2, 2019undefined

There is a sense in which Marilyn is correct; we are all sparkling stars in God’s sky. Ideally speaking. However, it is apparent that there are many who appear more like black holes with nary a twinkle or sparkle.

Though she was no theologian, she had some profound insight into our nature. No matter how outwardly depraved humanity may descend, the divine qualities of the twinkle still remain latent within us. These are often thwarted and denied and, for some, may never again be revealed in this lifetime. I don’t wish to go on this dark tangent since I have already discussed/speculated on what fate might await such a soul in my post ‘NERO, ONE HELLUVA STORY.’ See https://digitalbloggers.com/book-reviews/one-helleva-story 

If we realize we have the capacity to realize and live out our true nature as a twinkle of light, expressing love and goodness, then we at least might seek this divine light within. Jesus said the kingdom (domain) of heaven is within. No one can take that ‘right’ away for us, except us. It’s our inheritance. If we ignore what it means to be a child of God, created in the image and likeness of God, then the light of what we are can no longer shine, or even ‘twinkle.’

The Hebrew scriptures that state in Psalms 82:6: Ye are gods, and all of you are children of the most High. (KJV). In fact, Jesus quoted this verse in John 10:34 when answering the Pharisees about being the son of God: Jesus replied, is it not written in your Law, I have said you are gods (NIV). What this means is that we, our divine essence, is much more than what we can imagine. This leads to a deep philosophical/theological discussion that I don’t wish to even begin to get into here, but you may read about these considerations and much more throughout the ELYSIUM’S PASSAGE novel series. I hope you do. www.elysiumspassage.com  


This the first in a series of five Elysium narrations regarding a young British philosopher named James Phillips who finds himself living in an altered state of reality while still remaining on earth.  

After experiencing a near-fatal fall while climbing to the summit of a remote mountain in the Andes, James awakens in a new dimension. He soon encounters two mysterious beings who provide him with a very different perspective on the nature of his existence. Over the next year, before his body recovers from the coma, he is challenged to re-examine his understanding about life’s meaning and purpose far beyond anything he previously believed or could believe.

An engaging and sometime surreal adventure with intimations of impending romance, the narrative explores the most important questions about life, death, reality and our ultimate destiny. 

The Plains of Elysium (Champs-Élysées) was described by Homer, Hesiod, Virgil and many other poets as the paradisiac afterlife realm reserved for heroes. As the title suggests, this is about a journey through a passage that leads towards Elysium’s exciting realm of existence.

To read a sample press review at: https://www.prweb.com/releases/2018/05/prweb15515775.htm  









The following comments are excerpts from among the first readers including a number of Amazon five star reviews. To read the full reviews, go to READER REVIEWS on www.elysiumspassage.com or directly at https://digitalbloggers.com/arts-and-entertainment/reader-reviews 

"A delightful mix of fantasy, reality, conjecture and humour; Mr Meyers draws the reader into the story with a gentle narrative that captures the imagination, leaving one anxious to get to the next page drawing you into his exceptional world.”

"Quietly, gently, and without imposition, the Author unfolds the pages, creating an intricate, interlocking bridge spanning the chasm between mind and heart. Renewing, refreshing, restoring. In my bereavement, it was vigil and light…"

“Excellently written with an exceedingly deep understanding of this world and the next. The characters are very well written and engaging. I can't wait to complete this book!"

“Takes the reader on both a philosophical and spiritual journey, a journey that at times is both disquieting and tranquil. James, a British Philosopher can be irreverent and caustic, traits that should have left me cringing, but instead made me laugh out loud. Elysium’s Passage is a fun, enlightening and remarkable book.”

“This is a masterful fantasy, becoming a real possibility, as the reader is drawn into the story. The Summit leaves you anxious for the next book in the series, yet also leaves you totally satisfied with the world you have just visited. Genius! An exciting, yet calming, experience that is not to be missed."

"There was hardly a page on which I did not find at least one sentence worthy of hi-lighting for future reference. In addition, I thoroughly enjoyed the main character, James, whose personality and passionate verbal exchanges with the other characters, kept me coming back for more. I am reading the book for a second time while I wait for the next one in this series to be made available."

 “N.G. Meyers has clearly put a great deal of research and thought into what the afterlife may look like and I like his perspective. It’s an altogether welcoming and exciting vision. The book gives one a great deal to think about and a reassuring confidence that the end of our lives is truly the beginning of life in the next. I highly recommend it."

"I am really enjoying your book, it’s fantastic! It is so incredible and diversified that I can’t really explain it to other people, so what I say is just read this book. Thank you so much for the blessings that you’ve given the world!"

“The humour interjected into a serious discussion makes me laugh out loud. Totally unexpected....l may be in the presence of at least a master, if not a genius. A fair ride into reality... seeking that which is unseen, yet absolutely real.”

“An engaging story of adventure embracing man's deepest desire to search for meaning and purpose, N.G. Meyers takes the reader on an adventurous thought-provoking journey. This book has substance. It is a perfect blend of adventure and fantasy combined with spiritual philosophy. It ignited my imagination. The author magically weaves a good story laced with wit and humour together with deep philosophical wisdom. This book has it all!”

“An evolution in thought is triggered by many fresh philosophical themes which could inspire readers to re-think their reality and former ideologies that have dictated their lives… the author fires readers’ imaginations to view what could be possible when spirit vacates the body.”

“This is the book spiritual seekers have been waiting for. For me, it granted a great read as well as increased inspiration to live every day with a heightened sense of purpose. I highly recommend it.

“The Summit is capable of hooking readers and luring them to search for Book 2 to discover more about Dr. Philip’s surreal trek into the mysterious unknown universe. This thick book is well worth the read and to share…”

“Mind-blowing statements and speculation (‘…everyone is a non-physical thought form conceived in the Mind of God, preserved for all eternity because God’s thoughts never die…’). Many will find Meyers’ journey up the Mountain intriguing—and possibly even life-changing.” (BLUEINK REVIEW)

“In its effort to grapple with fundamental questions about the meaning of life, it raises questions that have echoed throughout the ages, including about where we come from, where we are going, who we are.”  (CLARION REVIEW)



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