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October 26 2020



This picture of Marilyn might seem like a parody about our fixation on money, but it's not. Nor is this post supposed to be a how-to article on getting rich. Rather, I wish to provide a template for what I understand to be the certain preconditions for materializing unfulfilled desires.

The topic of manifestation is expansive since it’s all about the innumerable facets to our essence-being. And so, in this post, I’ll try to summarize a few key points and then come back to this topic later to elaborate in greater depth. I expect there may be several parts to this because there are so many ways to approach this topic.

If you haven’t already watched or read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, I would recommend it as an introduction to what manifestation means. Many find this production unrealistic, but then, that might say more about the sceptics than the content itself. In any case, there’s more that needs to be discussed in The Secret since it is a vast topic that has everything to do with our attitudes human complexities.

So, to get us started, here are a few ideas that life has taught me.

To manifest what you want, you need to know what you want. This might seem obvious, but what is not so obvious is whether this desire is from you or from someone else. Also, ask; does this want come from your mind or your heart? Do you feel good about it? Or is what your mind thinks you want, based more on what someone else wants for, or from you? In other words, is this desire emanating from your inner being, or from the illusory, grasping ego that purports to be you?

Realize that you get to choose what you wish to manifest, not someone else. You have freedom. So why not come up with something that expresses who you are rather than mimicking what someone else might have accomplished. Get creative because you are creative... even if you don’t realize it.

If you want to manifest wealth, then get past the limiting beliefs that you place on yourself. The universe is infinitely spacious. Ask why you are holding yourself back, then get past whatever that is. It's probably a lie you've been telling yourself because of something that happened to you in the past. Once you identify what you wish to manifest by getting excited about it, you have taken the first steps towards manifestation.

Feeling jazzed about what you have envisioned is what brings your creation into existence because it's an extension of who you are. Dreams fall apart and are destroyed by negativity, so that not where you want to be. If you believe in victimhood and entitlement, you'll have to change your attitude about abundance. But that’s another topic for another time.

To manifest anything, it's necessary to consciously focus on what you wish to bring about with expectation and excitement. But it should begin by taking little steps rather than setting unrealistic goals, otherwise, you might get discouraged and quit. You can't afford to bring down the frequencies that are necessary for manifestation. This really is all about the state of consciousness. That's why, to make things happen, you need to remain detached with how things will manifest, refusing to fall into fear and striving. It's important to have an attitude of gratitude, even for setbacks you might encounter, realizing they are just lessons you need to learn to get things right.

If you consciously stay in a zone of feeling good about your goal, you will ultimately rise above whatever limiting thoughts that tell you can’t achieve your desires. Depending on how entrenched these misconceptions might be, it might require some work to clear the path. Then you can build up more steam with more and more exciting visualizations that propel you into action. Become a happy conscript to wherever your vision leads. Get excited about it, rather than waste your time trying to talk yourself into something your heart is not into. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll know the difference.

As Joseph Campbell once said: 'Follow your bliss.' I would add, find your passion and follow it to whatever mountain top it leads you to. If you discover the journey there doesn’t feel so blissful, then find something else. There’s no end to what you could get passionate about once you focus on your heart rather than just your mind. Remember, the mind on its own is confused about everything without the heart’s inner wisdom and doesn’t get passionate about anything, just analytical.  

Does your desire come from your ego, or from who you are deep within? Do you want abundance to impress others or, would you prefer it fulfil your underlying desires for new experiences, relationships and surroundings? Why wait to write a bucket list in your senior years. Do it now… by envisioning abundance now! Maybe it’s travelling the world, having a more comfortable living environment, etc. There is nothing wrong in wanting to manifest great abundance into your life, even if it means getting rich. (Smile). In fact, what is wrong is just the opposite. By limiting yourself,, you rob yourself of what your soul wished to give expression to; the inner abundance of what you denied yourself.

Most of us, I think, have latent desires stashed within that we haven't acknowledged, let alone released into manifest reality. And it might have nothing to do with money. At least that's how it was for me about seven years ago when I started my writing career. At this time, I have written six novels out of the seven I’ve conceived. They are more or less completed and I can hardly wait to write the last once the others are edited. I’m excited about sharing my fascinating story that has come out of my inner abundance. At least for now, abundance is not about earning money so much as giving artistic expression through writing a novel series that took over my life.

I said above it is necessary to find your passion, but what if you don’t know what your passion is? I can’t say I knew I had a passion for writing novels. So, in that sense, I didn’t find it so much as it found me. However, I was doing some journaling when the story suddenly, and unexpectantly, emerged. First, it was just an illustration to a point I was making, then it became an allegory. Before I knew it, it was someone’s dream who suddenly came alive and started narrating his story to me. (Maybe it was me from a parallel life. LOL) 

Stange stuff! No one was more surprised than me. But at least I had put myself in the zone where I could receive a vision for the creative expression I was looking for but didn't believe I could do. Then the rest took care of itself. Often that’s how we discover our passion. Our mind can’t find it, but our heart can if we are open to what might come. See: https://digitalbloggers.com/arts-and-entertainment/welcome-to-elysiums-  

So, for me, this is the best example I can offer about manifesting from my life experiences. Yes, I was able to manifest plenty of money at various times in my past (when not losing it), but that pales in comparison to creating books out of nothing. Isn’t that what manifesting is; something out of nothing?

If what you think you want comes from your ego’s desires, you will not be happy in achieving your goals, because this phantom has no desire for you to be happy. In fact, the ego’s illusory existence depends on your unhappiness. However, if what you want has to do with a genuine desire to be happy and to reach out to others and their happiness, then you know you are on the right track for manifesting. It’s okay to be in ‘service to self,’ provided your primary drive is to be in ‘service to others’ because, in the divine scheme, we can only receive what we give.  

So, if you’re passion is to provide some product or service to become more abundant, first ask if you’re more enthused about whether your business is in service to yourself and is it in service to others. Those who put the best interests of their customers first will succeed over those who don’t; that just common sense and so, therefore, before you go too far with your plans to manifest your dreams, apply this principle to everything. Service to others first makes it win-win, and that’s a great vibe.

There is so much more to be said, so let me conclude this post with a few more ideas I wish to pursue in my next post on manifesting abundance.

Conscious is about choosing where to focus. Which is why it is good to first ‘Know Thyself’ or at least get to ‘Know Thyself.’

Choosing and deciding creates momentum.

Creativity is in the choosing… that leads to manifestation.

Learn how to imagine what you haven’t yet experienced. It’s not hard… just allow

Be a vibrational match with what you want. Make what you want your focus.

Allow yourself to be alert to the feelings of abundance coming your way. Be caught up with feelings of joy, peace, bliss, and all that’s uplifted. Be caught up with higher vibes to encourage your imaging abundance


October 19





What does Rumi mean by this? It might deserve some thought since I’m not sure how aware most of the world is about this. It seems implicitly true, yet more importantly, appears to call us to examine what resistances we erect that don’t serve our quest to be loved for who we are.

So, what are these barriers? Only we can answer this in a way we are willing to accept, although there might be many who would be pleased to offer their opinions and judgements. Apart from that, we should be honest with ourselves and look at whatever unconscious barriers we might have erected that undermine our ability to be loved.

I suppose if we are brutally honest with ourselves, we might come up with all types of quirks and foibles we have that contribute to our feeling rejected. To address this, I recommend we all begin by making a list of positive and negative characteristics and think deeply of which ones might apply to us.

Doubtlessly, we’ll find that all negative personal qualities are under the separated fear-based ego-mind. To the contrary, all positive attributes belong to the heart’s domain of unity, love and giving.

It might be helpful to ask how we feel towards others who exude personal qualities, be they positive or negative, then ask ourselves how others might feel towards us should these qualities also be perceived in us. By virtue of identifying negative qualities in others, more often than not, we recognize them in ourselves too as projections of our self-loathing. As the ancient saying goes, possibly by Lao Tzu, “I am not who you think I am, you are who you think I am.” So, in finding faults in others, we might identify what faults and defects remain in ourselves… for which we have developed a blind eye.

So, do others see mainly positive qualities or negative traits in us, and are we willing to do anything about whatever characteristics that we don’t like in others. Perhaps these are the very qualities we are projecting. Such questions are essential to ask because they are fundamental to an understanding of our Self.  Socrates once said: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” He was right, yet how many of us do this.”

To not examine our selves means to remain unconscious of who and what we are. I’m not implying this introspection is to be an exercise in self-loathing. That would be counter-productive since it is necessary we first love ourselves before we can love others.

Further to that, we can only receive love from others if we first love ourselves; otherwise, it won’t be possible to recognizing love. Love recognizes only love, not fear. Fear recognizes only fear. From what orientation are we coming? We see others as we see ourselves. So, the point is, love your soul then you will also be able to love others, and they will love you in as much as you allow them.

Then, boom, the barriers are gone. No need to search for love; love will find you as Rumi implies.

But to get to conscious ‘Self’ love, rather than ego love, we must objectively observe our thoughts, actions and attitudes about everything. Perhaps others would be pleased to help us with this, but that might be a risky proposition. In any case, we can only move forward in achieving acceptance when we finally realize that it doesn’t feel so good being lonely. No one wishes to remain stranded on an island of separation. 

All this might (or will) require work in reprogramming the negative barriers that prevent us from being accepted and loved as we wish. But at least when we know or suspect what needs changing, we will catch ourselves doing what reinforces what we no longer want.

As it says in A Course of Miracles, we can then “CHOOSE AGAIN.” It’s in our power. We don’t have to do things the old way or keep the old attitudes once we are aware of them and what they do to us.

I recommend that you take a look at the list below and choose the qualities you would like to be an expression of who you are.  Then, the next question is, how do we make that quality our own; the new us?

There is no magic wand to wave to accomplish all this, but at least we can identify where we want to go, what we want to be unless, of course, we wish to remain just as we are barracked behind our walls of defence, feeling rejected and isolated. Unfortunately, many seem to want to suffer this fate so they can feel entitled to their status as ‘poor me’ victims. Insane, yes, but then the ego-mind is always confused and insane, insisting on remaining disconnected from their heart’s divine wisdom.

 I believe all who wish to change, vastly increase their chances by associating with those who exhibit these positive qualities by learning to be like them. But first, this might require ditching or at least disassociating ourselves with various friends and family who hold us back whenever we, consciously or unconsciously, conform to their old patterns of negativity.

What else can we do? Much has been written on taking steps to improve our attitudes and lot in life and how to become more loved and accepted. It’s difficult to know where to begin so I won’t. For one thing, no one has the same path, and yet the principles of love are the same. Truth is truth; illusion is illusory. The ego and all that it loves is illusory. The soul’s divine Self and all that it loves is truth.  

Many of my blog posts address some of these means, such as embracing a life of gratitude and forgiveness; uniting our heart and mind; being aware of our ego-mask, raising our consciousness while facing our fears, etc. For some, these posts might be a good place to start. To find a list of what might be relevant, go to Elysium’s Passage blog post links. https://digitalbloggers.com/arts-and-entertainment/ep-blog-posts 

In sum, the primary intent of this post is to bring attention to how critical self-awareness is before we can begin to make the changes we are required to make. This awareness is necessary before we can dismantle whatever barriers we have erected that keep us isolated, unhappy and unloved.

As so, I recommend that we examine the positive and negative characteristics in our lives that we might determine whether we are mostly controlled by our ego illusion or by the truth of our divine Self.

Besides examining the orientation list below, it might be profitable to make your own list of every vice and virtue you have observed in others and the one in the mirror. By this, in the words of the ancients, we might KNOW THYSELF. Then, if we are honest, brutally honest with ourselves, these reflections might serve as a good start. By raising our consciousness, we achieve greater self-awareness, and thereby we remove the barriers to achieving greater acceptance, love and well-being.

I’m sure Rumi would agree.






October 11, 2020 




Identifying with negative emotions can be lethal to all facets of our being, mental, spiritual and physical. All manifestations of negativity, are based in the ego’s fear. Fear is the opposite of love.

So why do we continue to indulge in the insanity of its toxicity, when we know they will make us unhappy. Why do watch the Mainstream media, read the garbage on Twitter, watch horror movies (that’s only one step down from MSM), read newspapers that trigger despair in us, and, worst of all, hang out with judgmental acquaintances that bring us down to their abysmal levels of consciousness?

Why? Because that’s what the ego wants... what it does Personally, I don’t think the ego is a bad thing if it teaches us the contrast of what we don’t want so that we discover what we do want. In other words, to find who and what we are; creatures of love and happiness rather than creatures of fear and misery.

So, yes, in a sense, it serves a purpose in getting us through life on this limited dimension of awareness, but it should only serve us, never be our master. Yet, many, or most, give their lives over to it, and the perverse pleasure its misery offers as it suffers. Does this sound insane?

Yes, it does… because it is. The ego-mind is insane. Like darkness, it really doesn’t have an independent existence so much as the absence of existence. Darkness without light; fear without love. All are black holes of nothingness that create confusion and despair. Still, ‘the all’ can emerge where there is the light of love. Perhaps we can call this the ‘Zero Point Field’ of manifestation, but that’s another topic for another post.

The really perverse thing about ego-fear is that it is so arrogant. Ever have anyone shame you because you don’t wear a death mask or social distance? For more on this see my blog post, Corona Virus Controversy: Herd Immunity vs Lockdown with its articles by informed authorities. https://digitalbloggers.com/arts-and-entertainment/corona-virus-shut-down-or-herd-immunity 

Anyway, this painful ordeal happens to me all the time because I dare to defy the obscene, low-conscious hysteria of irrational fear and all those who promote its arrogance and insecurity. Seems it needs everyone to agree with it, or it will try to lock you down. Sound familiar? Scary! But rather than go further on this rant, let me say a few words about one of my favourite philosophers; G.I Gurdjieff states:

It’s very difficult to give up one’s suffering. A man will renounce any pleasure you like, but he will not give up his suffering.

What I think he meant is that it's very difficult to give up one’s ego if you don’t have enough love to displace, or should I say, to fill the ego’s abyss, or I should say the abyss of the ego. As I have come to understand it, the ego is simply the mind not in union with the heart. Why would it? The isolated ego-mind has no humility, no grounding and is always confused. As I said; insane. Always! Which is why so many 'intelligent' are so dangerous. Look at our education, government and health systems. Really insane these days. 

And yet, the mind works just fine, in fact, perfectly, with the heart because that’s the way we’re designed to operate. Then, it’s no longer the ego, but a full, seamless divine being of love and wisdom. This is just as we were created to be as we return to the union of our god/human essence; a third divine something greater than the sum of the human 'parts’.

The creation myth of the ‘Fall,’ is a story of humanity losing its union with itself by falling into duality where everything remains separate… and fearful. We long for the healing of our soul’s reunion, and yet we let allow our ego to have its way with us. Perhaps this is because we are unaware of what’s going on and so we don’t understand what we’re doing to make ourselves so unhappy. The saying: “would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy,” comes to mind.  

The Heart (or Soul/Love) needs the mind to give it stability since it is the vessel’s rudder that provides rational guidance to the winds of inspiration to the sails of the heart. See my blog post on Union of Heart and Mind and how this all works at https://digitalbloggers.com/book-reviews/union-of-heart-and-mind   

But how often are we unaware of all the things that keep us subservient to what we don't want in our life? And so we remain at the mercy of forces that seem bigger than us, not realizing we have the power in us to detach from that which we don't want and choosing what we do want.

TO read this entire post go to https://digitalbloggers.com/arts-and-entertainment/the-psychosis-of-suffering 


October 4, 2020


Okay, I admit this post is a bit off-beat, even for me, but take a look anyway. If you enjoy it, you might also wish to go to this blog I posted last winter regarding this Age of Aquarius https://digitalbloggers.com/arts-and-entertainment/dawning 

I chose this crop 'circle' design for this to post since it represents Leonardo DaVinci's Vitruvian Man, only with wings... gotta love the Extraterrestial's superb creativity and mischief. Who knows, maybe this is a message for us today to grow wings of ascension once we break out of the deep state lock-downs. That kind of makes sense if you are prepared to think out-of-the-box.

Btw, for more crop circle pictures and explanations go to the blog link https://digitalbloggers.com/arts-and-entertainment/crop-circles 

For those who are open to predictions of the Age of Aquarius, you might find this article interesting as it makes some big claims for what's going to happen this September to the end of the year.

But first, we may be in for a rough ride. Things might get a lot worse before they get better by the end of this year. But, according to this, once we go through the transition, it will be better... much better. For what its worth, I've heard talk of December 21 as being an important pivotal date for the earth's ascension when the light begins to overcome the oppression of 3D darkness. At least for those who are prepared to ascend into the New Age of Aquarius.

For those familiar with the Bible, it sounds a bit like the concept of 'the rapture' of what Jesus said in the New Testament (Matthew's Gospel 24:40-42) where one is taken and the other left. Meeting in the clouds may, for some, be possibly interpreted as ascending to higher dimensions. (Makes sense to me).

It might not take long to find out how true any of this is, but I think we all want to see something happen to turn this Earthship around.