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What is a hero?  The answer will vary depending on who you ask, but I think most people would agree that a hero is someone who has saved another person or group from a terrible situation and/or prevented a tragedy.  What makes them super?  Is it their gifts and talents or the fact that they help people day after day, again and again?

After years of working outside the home, buying into various entrepreneurial programs, trying MLM and still not finding that "one" thing that could give me the time and financial freedom I was looking for, I realized the answer had been right in front of me all was my computer and the ever expanding Internet of Everything.  The options were endless.  

I started my online search for the best teachers in the business.  I needed to learn a new skill.  I wanted to make some changing money.  I was sick and tired of not having enough to do what I wanted to do for myself, my family and others in need.  I also had never enjoyed leaving home in the rain, sleet and snow to go and work with complete strangers; strangers who ultimately become a second family because I spend more time with them than I do at home.

There are fictional superheroes and there are real-life superheroes.  Hollywood is making millions of dollars as they continue to create blockbuster movies featuring comic book superheroes who are working to destroy forces of evil.  These comic book characters are loved and highly respected in the hearts and minds of people around the world.

We all love to be entertained from time to time, but when the show is over, we leave the theater or turn the channel and go back to living our normal lives. Nothing has changed.  We put our favorite fictional superhero back on the shelf until next time.   

During my search I found an amazing team, a true League of Superheroes who changed my life in many ways.  Surprisingly, they didn't talk about the money I was chasing right away.  The focus was on me as a person.  The initial process is what I describe as a much needed, self-led therapy session.  They don't force you to do the work.  You have to want to do it.  I had been taught in MLM to "act like a millionaire" not realizing self-discovery is the first step to true success.   


This team of Superheroes are not only real, they are saving people like myself everyday, again and again from terrible situations.  They are changing lives and making dreams come true.  

The awesome team is led by two Masterminds.  I affectionately refer to them as Boy Wonder and Kid Genius. I know it's not very original, and they are grown men, but it works for me.  I'm older than they are.

Boy Wonder is brilliant and capable of doing anything he sets his mind to.  He's a man of many faces.  He could be a model or the next James Bond.  He is genuine and unapologetic.  If your feelings are easily hurt, stand back and give him room.  Kid Genius is amazing.  He doesn't think like an ordinary person. He's mysterious and complex.  He wears a cape but it's invisible.  If you listen and watch him closely, you might catch a glimpse of it.  

This League of Internet Marketing Professionals, all Superheroes in their own right, have incredible gifts and talents.  The all work together, day after day, assisting and guiding an international, online community of individuals, from all walks of life, who want and need to be saved from various situations such as: lack of time freedom, financial distress, unemployment, dead end jobs and overall dissatisfaction with their position in life.  

These Superheroes don't have to help us, they want to help us.  Many of them have already created six and seven figure incomes for themselves.  They continue to give back to the community, creating other heroes who will join their ranks and fight to give others a chance to live the life they have always dreamed of.  To meet these talented men and women, click on the link below.  How deep you go in is up to you. 

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