Why writing makes you happier

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Research by Laura King shows that writing about achieving future goals and dreams can make people happier and healthier. Similarly, there's plenty of evidence that keeping, there's plenty of evidence that keeping a gratitude journal can increase happiness and health by making the good things more salient."

Writing is key to me. Although it was not before I gave up that I wanted to be a writer that it gave me pleasure. Maybe there was a kind of have to be in it that made it more a striving to success than being in the moment. These are the three things that a get from writing:

1) It brings me clarity, if I write it down I can see things in perspective, I see what is what and how it can work out for me.
2) It gives me purpose and direction, writing is an act of magic, when you write down you can predict the future, I almost always make these things reality. The act of writing alone gives me purpose.

3) It gives a boost to my creativity, my brain starts to work when I'm writing, it unfolds what was hidden before and creates new perspectives.

The book that inspired me the most to get my writing rolling was The Artist Way from Julia Cameron. The book is set up as a 12-week course to uncover your creativity. After that, I started writing in my journal every day. I write whatever comes up to me. Afterward, I feel lighter and more at peace. And in my case: does writing make me happier? Hell yeah!

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